Care of Cats After Castration

We had already seen that castration in cats are in many cases, a way of improving the health of the pet. However, care does not end with the operation, but rather we should say rather start.

There are environments and elements to be provided to the cat after the operation so that it feels better in the treated area but also in their mind. And what better than its owners will provide this welfare.

First, we must provide good space for relaxing, away from noises that disturb, under the protection of excessive heat or cold. Anesthesia, at first, it will continue to affect, so it is not convenient to locate in high places, lest they run the risk of falling.

It is also important not to feed for 24 hours after the operation. “Give to drink past 12 hours. Doing so may cause vomiting.

There will be a minor contribution in recovery that you provide pampering for you and I encourage vitality back. Much care has to do with the psychological effects