Raising Pigeons

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Pigeons have been with humans since ancient times. Once in Rome was promoted to rear the same and it was normal to see them hanging in the markets. Were used as food or staff to teach messaging.

Centuries later, the rationalization and measurement of agriculture made it possible for the breeding of this beautiful animal come to other places. The incorporation of this activity reached the Iberian Peninsula through the romanization.

Currently, there are many people interested in raising pigeons fanciers are called. In places like Belgium and northern areas of Europe, the pigeon is considered a national sport. These competitions resulted from an employment which was the pigeons before they met the telegraph and radio.

But do not be a professional to care for and raise this bird. Carlos Molina Espeleta, pigeon breeder, describes the care, needs and everything you need to know if you decide to reproduce. Surely, delve into this exciting experience will bring many rewards.

The first criterion: a pigeon

The first thing to be clear about is where are you going to accommodate your pigeons. Carlos Molina explains that not be introduced into any site, it is necessary to have space for them.

“You need a loft, with a department to raise pigeons, one for the pigeons, one for male widowers and fourth department for females of these,” he says. As you can see, hosting your new friends requires a number of features that may not be able to offer. If you think you are unable to guarantee their welfare, do not try to carry out this experience. Cause overcrowding stress on your pet and possibly the development of multiple diseases.

But if on the other hand, fulfill the needs of these birds and you decide to play them, you must provide comfort and hygiene in the compartment. “Build a wooden racks on the floor of the kennel for the stool to fall out of it and so the birds have no contact with them,” says the expert.

In addition, you must take care that the ventilation is like a “bottle of oxygen”, which comes from below and above.

Let raising pigeons

Reproduction of the pigeons is a very attractive theme. When the dove is in heat takes a special flight plans with the wings keeping them in position. Once reaching the ground, the procession continues, swells his chest, leans toward the female and emits the unmistakable characteristic of doves cry.

Meanwhile, “the female lowers her head,” this is the signal to “step on the male,” he explains Carlos Molina from his experience in the breeding of this animal. The female then built a nest to lay eggs, based on materials found in the loft, but if you want you can buy one made, you’ll find specific pet bird or animal establishments. Cover it in straws or goat hair to make your pet feel more comfortable.

When babies are born early days are looking thin and frail, but do not worry, no need special care. Molina concludes the story of his skill and seniority in the breeding of pigeons ensuring they are fed without any problems “with a slurry that forms in the glands of their parents,” he explains. As you have seen, this is a hobby that will bring you great satisfaction.