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Looking for a good dog school? You have to pay attention to that!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dog professional – most dog owners can ...

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Dangers for animals during the Christmas season

For many people, the contemplative Christmas season is the most beautiful time of the year. ...

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So you find the right dog breeder

Finally the big moment has come. An own dog, a small puppy, should be brought ...

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What is spondylosis?

When the dog screams in pain The long, shrill cry of pain that the 60-kilo ...

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Your animal world against illegal puppy trade

In an article of the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung of 16 December 2016, the sad truth ...

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Safe freewheel for small animals

Just in time for the freewheeling time, wobbly noses appear on the cage door in ...

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Good guinea pig food: diet of guinea pigs

High quality food for guinea pigs is not so easy to find. While the selection ...

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Keep guinea pigs alone

Guinea pigs are reputed to be rather undemanding pets. The furry pigs are also recommended ...

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Small animal purchase: What you have to pay attention to

The decision is certain: not dog or cat, but small animals should enrich your family ...

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Guinea pigs as pets: The basics of the species-appropriate attitude

What you need to know about guinea pigs The guinea pig originally comes from Peru ...

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Guinea pig and rabbit together

Can I socialize guinea pigs and rabbits? Both guinea pigs and rabbits are very social ...

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These foods are toxic to guinea pigs

Those who are not careful can accidentally poison their guinea pigs. Many foods are unsuitable ...

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10 tips for a long chinchilla life

With proper care, chinchillas can live up to 22 years. The average is around 15 ...

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