Employment ideas for cats

The Christmas season is coming up and many owners and mistresses are looking forward to a few days off. This free time also means more time together with the animal roommate. The sometimes very uncomfortable weather is especially inviting to play: Many cats, who are otherwise freedivers, should not or do not want to go outside in the freezing temperatures and the often bad weather and, of course, in both cases are looking forward to more employment.

Cats are playful until old age, because playing provides the fur noses physical, mental and emotional well-being and of course also strengthens the bond between humans and animals. We’ve collected some ideas for playing together.

Empty cardboard boxes and cats: a phenomenon in itself

Where a box is, usually a cat is not far away. This makes boxes very well suited for playing: filled with paper and maybe even a few treats your cat will certainly have a lot of fun. Speaking of treats: These are perfect for small or larger search games.

Toys with catnip or valerian on cats also have a special charm. A stocking filled with these plants can be easily made by hand: All you need is an old sock (preferably made of cotton), catnip or valerian and a bag of rice. Put both in the sock, knot on it, the cat toy is done!

Small balls or nuts awaken the hunting instinct of the cat and are very well suited for a common game round. But beware: The ball or nut must not be too small so that the cat can not swallow it or suffocate it. Walnuts are a good choice here. Also, fishing with balls or feathers at the end of the line are very well suited to romp with the cat extensively.

Attention – please do not

Widely used, but unsuitable and even dangerous are laser pointers. Cats that are madly chasing after the red dot may make some of them laugh, but the devices are anything but suitable for a game together. The cat can not only be injured in the heat of the moment, the laser beam must under no circumstances hit the eye of the quadruped, otherwise it can be seriously injured.

Even with small parts and threads caution is advised: small parts can be quickly swallowed and lead to a fatal intestinal obstruction. Likewise, threads with which the animal can strangulate or wrap around limbs and pinch off. You should never let your cat play unattended in order to intervene quickly.

In addition, your cat should each toy only temporary available so that the attraction is not lost or the fur nose desensitized and overstimulated, for example, for catnip or valerian. We hope you enjoy playing!

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