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Dangers for animals during the Christmas season

For many people, the contemplative Christmas season is the most beautiful time of the year. But what is nice or tasty for humans is often a danger to animals – especially around Christmas. So that your and your fur nose a great Christmas, we give you an overview of possible dangers. Tasty for humans, dangerous for animals Chocolate Santa Claus, ...

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Employment ideas for cats

The Christmas season is coming up and many owners and mistresses are looking forward to a few days off. This free time also means more time together with the animal roommate. The sometimes very uncomfortable weather is especially inviting to play: Many cats, who are otherwise freedivers, should not or do not want to go outside in the freezing temperatures ...

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Cats in Winter: Helpful Hints

When the cold season comes, the question arises for many cat owners: Should I leave my cat outdoors in the winter or keep it in the apartment? Most cats prefer warmth. So they are not only happy on the windowsill above the heater but also on warm laptops – preferably when master or mistress have something important to do. Many ...

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