Basic Kitten care & Kittenfütterung

If you bring kitties home, you take a lot of responsibility. Because when kitten care & Kittenfütterung something more to be considered, as in adult cats and cats. We reveal a few basic points to watch out for.

Kitten care


Since young kittens are very curious, you should definitely make the apartment cat safe, so that nothing happens to the kitty. The basic kit for kittens is essentially the same as for adult cats.

Games & Employment

Kitten are not only very curious but also playful. They usually need and want more employment than mature or older velvet paws. A suitable toy should be large enough to prevent swallowing and should have no potential for injury (eg brittle plastic, sharp corners). In addition, it must of course consist of a non-toxic material for cats. But even if the cat toy is harmless, it should not be left unattended to minimize the risk of injury. It is best to play interactively, i. man is involved. For example, throw a ball or use a cat fishing rod for a game together.

Playing with hands (or feet) you should try to make kitties out, as this does not hurt small kittens, but adult cats can maintain their behavior or even attack their hands and feet if they want to play. This can sometimes end very bloody later.

Grooming at Kitten

The sooner you get your kittens used to regular brushing (and health control), the better, as many adult cats are reluctant to take care of them. In the best case, the kittens have already been used to it by the breeder or the previous owner and you only have to maintain the grooming regularly.

Consistent education

If the kittens are not allowed in the bedroom or on the coffee table, this should be handled consistently by all family members. Neither kittens nor cats understand these rules, if exceptions are made constantly.

Here you will find more information about the cat and Kittenkauf or attitude.

Kitten feeding

Although some kittens are given way too early because they are already weaned, it is important that the kittens stay with their mother and siblings until at least 12 weeks of age. This is especially important for the development of social behavior. Therefore, serious kittens usually give their kittens between the 12th and 16th week. At this time, the little rascals have already learned a lot and are already partially adjusted to a feed or a feeding method. When kitten care & Kittenfütterung must therefore be taken into account that as many as possible kitten already known habits – for example, the kitten food.

Which kitten food is the right one?

The best way to get a kitten, if you bring it to yourself, first of all, the food, which it is used to, since a conversion should be very slow and gradual.

In addition, kittens basically need a high-calorie diet that contains a lot of protein. Also, they sometimes require other fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Thus, among other things, for the optimal development of the skeleton more calcium is recommended, on the other hand, an excess of vitamin A can lead to skeletal injuries, especially outgrowths of the cervical vertebrae. There are special Kittenfutter whose composition should support the kitten in the first year of life in the development. However, since the quality differences in the food are very different and there are now more feeding methods than dry or wet food, you should always in individual cases always consult with the previous owner, breeder or shelter or even with your veterinarian. In particular, if you decide for the raw feeding, it is important to adjust the individual components exactly.

How often do you feed?

Small kitties can not take in so much food at one go and need about five small meals throughout the day or fodder for free until the age of five to six months (but you should refrain from doing so if you have a small yaw at home who likes to eat more than he should). For example, dry food can be helpful when working and the kitten would otherwise have to wait a few hours for food. However, high-quality dry food is very difficult to find and is generally considered by many cat owners to be unsuitable. Alternatively, you can use a feed dispenser that spends appropriate rations (especially recommended for very greedy kittens) Only pure wet food can be used when you are out of the house during the day.

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