Bird Toys: Specially designed birdhouse accessories

Species-appropriate bird-keeping does not only include healthy nutrition and a sufficiently large aviary. In addition, a bird needs numerous employment opportunities and variety. We’ll tell you what you need to look out for when setting up the aviary and which bird toy works well with your feathered friends.

At least for two

Birds are very social animals. In nature, they live together in groups or couples. No matter which toy you buy your bird or how much you deal with it yourself: You can never replace a conspecific. When buying birds you should definitely decide for two birds and equip the aviary accordingly.

Swings, ropes and ladders strengthen the muscles

Swings, ladders and ropes belong to the so-called movement toy for birds. They promote the physical health of the bird. A ladder or a swing, for example, can strengthen the muscles of the animals and provide a better sense of balance. To animate the bird to use the toy, cereal hives or branches with berries can be attached to a rope or a swing. This creates an excellent climbing experience and makes the birds familiar with their new toy.

Grid balls strengthen the bond between humans and animals

A real highlight for many birds are lattice balls. Many species love to carry the plastic balls around or simply push them from the cage. It is all the better if the human friend keeps picking up the toy and the fun can start anew. Through direct interaction, the relationship between man and bird can be sustainably strengthened and mutual trust built.

Korkröhre: The nibbling fun in between

The cork tube is a real all-rounder and is popular with mischievous birds. Often it serves as the basis for a playground or a Sitzbrettchen, but can also be hung just as a simple job opportunity in the bird aviary. However, since the cork bark is not sterilized beforehand, it should be baked in the oven for half an hour at 100 degrees Celsius before use. So you can be sure that the bark is free from mites and other unwanted minuscule animals.

Bells: Shiny look and special sound

Little bells provide a real buzz for many birds, especially budgerigars. Many of the feathered friends can spend hours playing with them, forgetting the world around them. Small bells have the advantage that they can be attached anywhere and can attract the bird with its shiny look and the special sound in its spell.

A disadvantage of many bells, however, is that they often consist of brass and must be replaced over time as they start up.

The coconut: Versatile bird toy

Those who want to make bird toys themselves can fall back on a hollowed-out coconut. With it you can build swings or caves, which can provide a change in the bird aviary. However, you should note that using a coconut cave can promote the breeding behavior of birds.

In addition, the coconut should be completely free of coconut milk and flesh, as birds can not tolerate both. Before use, the nut must also be dried in the oven for some time.

Danger of injury: This bird toy is unsuitable

Even if one thinks well, not every toy is suitable for the feathered friend. You should therefore make sure that bird toys do not contain any toxic paints or varnishes. You should also refrain from zinc or lead as both substances can cause heavy metal poisoning. Of course, even easily swallowable small parts and broken toys have nothing to look for in the aviary and should be removed immediately if necessary.

The mirror in the bird aviary: No substitute for a conspecific

Who hangs a mirror in the aviary, does not do his bird a favor. In his reflection, budgerigars often recognize alleged conspecifics who begin to court them. The mating behavior involves not only the choke-up of grains, but also copulation attempts, which can lead in the long term to severe mental and physical damage.

Even metal bowls or discs pretend to the bird to have a partner. Therefore, you should remove all mirror-like surfaces from the living rooms in which he resides.

The same applies to plastic birds, which are as good as any animal trade available. Exactly as with the mirror, it can come also with the bird imitation to serious physical and mental problems with the bird.

However, if you take care to keep your birds in pairs and provide only accessories appropriate to your species, you can enjoy them with a large selection of different toys.

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