Cat Husbandry: Single Cat or Multiple Cat Husbandry?

What speaks for and what against a single cat or multi-cat pose?

The optimal attitude of the cat / cats always depends on their character and the life situation of the owner. If you want to keep pure cats and working or traveling a lot is private, you should definitely not keep a single cat. Even if families have their own children in the house at the moment, one should remember that the cat may live longer than the children still live at home.

But even free-range cats, who are home alone and may not be able to get in and out as they want, can be bored as a single cat. Here, too, a second cat makes sense to prevent the kitty from being lonely and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, behavioral problems occur more frequently in multi-cat households, as can be seen in many guidebooks on cat behavior. The decision for or against the multi-cat posture should therefore be carefully weighed and, above all, tied to the individual characters of the cats.

Single cat

Cats who have lived as loners for many years are often not open to another cat. If the own cat falls under it, a socialization is not to be recommended, since the cat will have more stress than joy at it and also the brought in kitty would surely be unhappy.

Even if your kitty shows a strong territorial or territorial behavior or, for example, signs of food admittance can be seen, the multi-cat pose will probably be considered. Here you must already find a velvet paw, which harmonizes character with the existing cat.

By the way, according to socialized all cat breeds are open-minded towards conspecifics. So if you want to keep a single cat, you should look for an older animal that can no longer be socialized. This kit is not recommended for kittens. This also applies to kittens who should later get clearance. By the time they settle into the new home, it will definitely take a few weeks. In addition, the animals must be castrated before clearance, so as not to put unwanted offspring into the world.

Possible problems with keeping a single cat

1. The single cat is under-challenged and begins in your absence to dismantle the apartment. While outdoor freelancers find many job opportunities, the possibilities of the flat cat are limited. If she spends half the day alone and waiting, that quickly results in alleged destructiveness.

2. It is not uncommon for single cats to invite their people to play. In some cases, however, they behave as if they are really dealing with a big cat. But we have no fur that protects us from cat claws or teeth. Most people are not happy when the tiger tempts him to play, scratching or biting. Especially not if he does it at night or early in the morning. A single cat, who was alone for eight hours during the day, has a lot to catch up on at that time. Even if she does not mean it bad – this behavior can be dangerous for small children.

3. Almost every pet owner has heard the term “protest pee” before. In fact, a single cat spending the whole day alone in the home can become dirty. This has nothing to do with protest, but rather suggests that the cat suffers and feels uncomfortable. Our velvet paws are by nature extremely clean animals – uncleanliness should always be seen as a serious sign.

4. Some cats become really depressed by the individual attitude. They stop playing, move less and sleep more than the babies are used to. Over a longer period, the reduced activity of the cat can also lead to obesity.

Keep in mind that a changed behavior can always have health reasons. Imagine a dirty or lethargic cat so necessarily at the vet.

More cat ownership

If you want to keep several cats, you should decide when buying a pair of cats or bring together two sociable cats. However, it is not easy to decide which two cats to take. Even in cats, the chemistry must be right. The best and easiest way is to take two litter mates or cats that are already compatible with each other (for example, often found in shelters).

On the other hand, if you want to socialize two foreign cats, you should be sure that both animals are socially and socially aware of other cats. In general, it is recommended that the velvet paws should be similar in character, so they have a common base. Also, the age difference should not be too big. A keen kitten not only quickly gets on the nerves of a senior cat, but also does not find a suitable partner in it. Of course, cats are individuals and just because they like cat A does not mean that cat B is also accepted; Friendships should not be imposed on cats.

If you want to keep more than two cats, there are rules of thumb for how many cats can live in an apartment. The best is in our view: A maximum of one cat per room (only rooms where the cats have access count as such). So the cats have the opportunity to retire before the others.

Of course, basic prerequisites for multi-cat keeping are that you also have time for each cat and all needs are met, e.g. The basic equipment for each cat once (bowls, cat lavatories, sleeping arrangements, etc.) is present.

Possible problems with the multi-cat pose

1. If, for example, you acquire a couple, you should have the tiger tucked in time before it comes to unwanted offspring. The shelters are unfortunately full of cats whose owners have missed the right time for castration and accidentally “produced” a litter. In particular, with related animals, this offspring may also be affected by inbreeding and corresponding genetic errors / health consequences.

2. Some cats just do not like each other and often one is – not openly – suppressed and suffers from it (for example, if one constantly stares at the other if she wants to use the litter box). If the cats do not like each other even after a long time getting used to it, one should consider whether one of them would not be happier with new owners. In the long term, this so-called cat-bullying for the victim is agony and can even lead to the fact that the kitty does not eat properly anymore, gets sick more frequently or develops behavioral disorders.

3. Impurity in the multi-cat household almost always indicates a problem between the cats. This can simply be the case, if in the opinion of the cats there are too many babes in one area (of course there can be other reasons and first of all a veterinarian should be visited!)

4. If one of the cats dies in a cat couple or in a multi-cat household, it is best to wait a while before adding a replacement partner. It depends on whether the existing cat really mourns or does not flower after a while and turns out that she alone is much happier.

Whether single cat or multi-cat posture is a decision that you have to make individually. You should always keep kittens for at least two. Only adult cats that can no longer be socialized with conspecifics are suitable for individual husbandry. And that only if the man spends a lot of time at home and the cat is busy or she gets clearance.

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