Cat pose: freezer or apartment cat

Your decision is whether you allow your cat clearance or whether you prefer to keep a pure flat cat? In summary, it can be said for both forms of housing that the free-living lives much more dangerous, the flat-headed cat may lead the more boring life. Especially for the housing cat, however, more employment must be provided. We have also summarized the dangers and important aspects that must be taken into account in the housing forms.

Tabby cat-leaver

Basically, it is more like the nature of the cat as a release to live, to explore the area and to hunt. The fact is, however, that freedowners on average have a shorter life expectancy and there are extremely many dangers. So, if you choose a free-range cat, you have to pay attention to a few points and be aware of the potential risks.

Dangers for outdoor cats

traffic accidents

The most common cause of death in cats is traffic accidents. Many serious injuries are caused by car accidents. A little more security create special reflectors or light collars for cats. You should, however, make sure that your free-faller can not hurt himself or strangulate, for example, if he gets stuck somewhere.

Other cats

In today’s densely populated cat areas (especially in cities), it also inevitably leads to unfriendly encounters with neighboring cats or strays. This often leads to injuries and transmission of dangerous cat diseases. Regular vaccinations (for example against rabies) are therefore particularly important for outdoor people.

Other animals

Even dogs, foxes or other animals can be dangerous to the cat.

Orientation / open buildings

Especially uncastrated animals tend to stray and get lost. Partly they are then incorporated as “ownerless” or simply can not be returned. Since cats are very curious, they also like to explore other buildings on raids. However, as open windows and doors sometimes close or are closed at some point, this freewheelers are locked up again and again.

Theft / Tierquäler

Theft threatens especially with breed cats, which are then sold by the perpetrators as a separate animal. And unfortunately, there are occasionally people who interfere with cats in their neighborhood and intentionally cause them suffering.


If you live near forest areas, hunting accidents can also occur.

What has to be considered with the freezer?

Talk to neighbors first

Before acquiring a free-range cat, one should clarify with the neighbors, how cat-friendly these are.

food problems

Keep in mind that many cats also pick up food or treats in their neighborhood (and some eat their mouse catch). If the cat has to make a certain diet or if it has a feed intolerance, clearance may become a problem.

Hunting & parasites

Of course, prey species can transmit diseases and parasites, so vaccines, deworming and flea / tick infestation should be considered.

Enable output

Of course you have to clarify how the cat gets out and in the best way.


Castrate your cat or cat – there are already enough stray cats that have no home.

Apartment cat without clearance

Domestic cats generally live safer, but often with little variety, if you do not deal with this type of housing closer. So, if you decide on a housing cat, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your cat sufficiently busy and free from behavioral problems.

Dangers of living as a housing cat

Open doors / windows

Cats are curious. When entering or leaving the apartment, a cat has flicked past one of the fast ones. Especially for cats who do not know the “big, wide world”, this is dangerous.

behavior problems

Due to various factors that can interact with domestic cats (boredom, limited territory, no complete retreat from the people), cats tend to be more likely to behavioral problems.


Many domestic cats also have less movement than freewomen due to the limited area. In addition, many of the domestic cats from boredom deal with food intake.

What is to be considered in the case of home cats?

Should not be used to clearance

A cat that is used to clearance will hardly ever get used to living in a home or very hard.

No single cat

Also, the kitty should not be kept as a single cat if possible. At least not with working owners (except the cat is already a vehement single gear,


Boredom is bad for a cat. The movement is needed, for example, to reduce excess energy. Otherwise, the cat will either become overweight or self-conscious (in a way that people usually do not like). To offer toys alone is not enough. Humans should play with every cat for at least one hour a day.

Home furnishings (see also basic equipment)

The “area” of the apartment should be extended in three dimensions for the cats. This works through increased areas: For example, shelves / tables on different levels, which may be used by the cat, floor-high scratching posts or cat ladders. Cats use such areas both for safe observation from the heights, for sleeping or as a playground for playing.

Alternative program for clearance

If possible, you should offer your apartment cat an alternative program for clearance. If the apartment has a balcony (and it is permissible to provide this with a cat net), one can offer her so limited exit. Some cats can also get used to a harness with leash for walks.


Especially cats that can not go outside, if they feel uncomfortable, you have to offer retreat. A housing cat should have access to (almost) all rooms as much as possible – not only to retire, but because their territory without a run is already very limited.

Calm important

Since the flat cat can not flee from loud music and other noise and has a much more sensitive hearing than humans (or dogs), you have to restrict yourself accordingly – celebrations are of course to treat analog and to make accordingly quiet.

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