Cat training: Can the cat go to bed?

The question of whether the babe is allowed to go to bed should generally decide for themselves. Definitely for the small ball of wool, it is always worth a try to test it. Many cats can not imagine anything better than – especially the evening hours – to spend in the springs. Best still together with mistress or master, to pout a little.

While some cat owners enjoy this, some bipeds are not thrilled when the cat pushes them too close to their pelts and in the worst case still sleeps on their faces. Here only helps to get it out of the pussy with a lot of patience and positive reinforcement.

What to look out for when the cat is allowed to go to bed

It is especially important if you decide that your darling may go to bed, that the cat is healthy. For who wants to have parasites like ticks or fleas in bed that can not only be annoying but also dangerous? Therefore, cats, with which much and sometimes also in bed is cuddled, regularly wormed. Although this is true in principle, but the closer the kitty is to her human, the higher is a transfer risk. Therefore, the flea prevention is an important point that should not be neglected.

When the cat should not go to bed

However, caution is advised in children: In the bed of your sprouts, it is better to cuddle stuffed catkins than real stubby tigers. Especially babies and toddlers should not come in contact with cats at night. On the one hand, they could be allergic without you knowing it, on the other hand, the breathing of the children could be impaired if they sleep in a small room with the kitty.

Who tolerates cats in the house, but is sensitive, if he comes into closer contact with their hair, should spend the night rather without animal society. Because by close contact with the kitty one inhales automatically easily hair, which can lead to an irritation of the airways – especially in people who are prone to allergies. If the animal comes to bed out of carelessness, just wash the sheets and put them in the dryer.

However, if you are not allergic or have any objection to having a four-legged friend visit you regularly at night, then have fun cuddling and having sweet cat dreams. Oh, and do not forget one thing: before the little girl lays diagonally over your whole bed and you have to sleep on the floor – calmly set boundaries for the hairy lodger!

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