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The eye-catching and playful

The cat tree Creativ is manufactured by the Albert Kerbl GmbH from Buchbach. This not only focuses on the sale of pet products, but has a versatile assortment in the agricultural sector. On the homepage, the company emphasizes its strong competence in the animal sector and emphasizes its “efficient range at an attractive price”.

In addition, the cat trees of Kerbl GmbH, and especially the cat tree Creativ, are among the bestsellers in the cat tree business and seem to be popular with cat lovers. But what makes the scratching post so successful? Is it the comparatively cheap price? Or does the company deliver particularly good quality, which can convince both two- and four-legged friends?

Construction & Design

If you decide to buy the Kerbl Cat Tree Creativ, you should enjoy plush and be inspired by colorful and playful scratching posts. Thus, the model is already extremely colorful and relatively conspicuous when unpacking the individual sub-elements in a color combination of anthracite, blue and white.

The Kerbl Cat Tree Creativ under construction

The colorful Scratching Tree Creativ was delivered for our Scratching Tree Test with corresponding screws and a suitable Allen key. Luckily, you do not need any other tools, so you can start building immediately.

Too bad we found that the construction manual of the cat tree consists of only two steps and thus at first glance seemed a bit confusing. But once you have looked at the drawing and the label in more detail, there should be no problems with the structure.

As a little tricky we found only the fixing of the small blue-black hammock. It took a lot of sensitivity to knot the thin sisal bands on both sides of the provided eyelets of the scratching post and thus to provide the necessary stability of the mat.

Nevertheless, even inexperienced do-it-yourselfers should be able to set up the scratching post after 20 to 30 minutes at the latest.


As already indicated, the Kerbl Cat Tree Creativ lives up to its name: in our cat tree test, it not only captures the eye due to its color scheme in blue, anthracite and black (alternative color choice: light beige / red), but also captivates with its overall eye-catching and quite creative design. So not only the game elements on the head of the cat tree are a real eye-catcher, even the designed as a paw lying area escapes no one.

In addition to sisal, plush is the dominating element on the Kerbl scratching post: both the lying surfaces and the cave, hammock and the ends of the scratching trunks are wrapped in the fluffy material. If you want a striking scratching post model, you might be well advised with the Kerbl Creativ in terms of design.

Nevertheless, one must of course keep in mind that such a colorful and plush-heavy cat scratching model fits neither in everyone’s budget, nor satisfy all tastes. In the design category, there are light prints for the Kerbl. Since the structure worked but almost smoothly, we can rate the scratching tree with a total of 4.2 stars.

In addition, we would like to point out that the Kerbl Scratching Tree Creativ has two separate base plates and therefore not only in height but also slightly in width. Therefore you should buy the cat accessories only if you have enough space.

Fun and value for money

Climbing ladder, hammock, cuddly cave and much more: In terms of equipment you have to do with the cat tree Creativ with a small cat adventure playground and must pay relatively little for it. A good price performance ratio is given at first glance.

Nevertheless, the cat tree of the Albert Kerbl GmbH in its entirety is probably more suitable for kittens or small cat breeds. A full-grown European Shorthair cat could probably hardly make it comfortable in a cuddly cave with a diameter of 30 centimeters. The same applies to other elements such as tubes, hammocks or seats.

Critically, we also saw the seat over the hammock positioned with hole. This is well meant and should help the cat to reach the hammock. But if the kitty is busy with the balls directly above the level, the opening can quickly be forgotten and become a treacherous trap.

We liked the toy on the scratching post. This is characterized not only by a funny and rather unusual look, but can drag Kitten and Co. by rattle noise in his spell.

Especially in comparison to the small size and with a price starting at 99.99 euros makes the Kerbl Cat Tree Creative,At first glance, a very varied impression. But since you have to keep in mind how small the play and reclining elements fail, it is in terms of fun and price-performance ratio only satisfactory.

Material and workmanship

If you take a closer look at the Kerbl Scratching Tree Creativ, you should quickly realize that the materials used are predominantly comparatively cheap, such as chipboard and pressed board. Of course, this does not have to have any impact on the quality of the cat’s accessories. Because all materials are well-made, you could certainly prepare his cats with a cheap scratching post much enjoyment.

As already mentioned, plush – in addition to sisal – is the dominant element of Kerbl Kratzbaum Creativ. The former has fluffed slightly when unpacking, but was clean and stuck in most places. The softness of the material also had a pleasant effect on us.

At a scratching column, however, the fluffy fabric had detached slightly, so that the hard pressboard material peeped out of the scratching column. Of course that was not visually appealing. Especially since there are certainly some playful cats that notice the protruding plush and use as a point of attack, to continue to rage on the affected substance.

Even the sisal could not completely convince us in terms of quality and workmanship. So the sisal strands did not only look very narrow. In some places they were also frayed and loose. Some struts could be easily moved even without effort with your fingers, so that larger gaps were created in the material and pressed cardboard was exposed – certainly the displeasure of some scratchy babe.

Looking closer, we also noticed another damage to a sisal pillar: it was slightly dented at one point and therefore made a somewhat unstable impression. Although it may be a transport damage in this context, nonetheless, such a material defect is not exactly a high quality scratching tree.

Although plush and sisal were well glued to many elements of the cat tree and initially made a decent impression, Kerbl’s cat accessories have one or another flaw in terms of the material being processed. Therefore, we have to deduct some points in our rating and award a total of two stars.


Although we were not completely convinced by the material and workmanship of the Kerbl cat tree Creativ and the sisal columns were quite thin and light, our test candidate was surprisingly stable. This was certainly partly due to the height of the scratching post. Because at 1.5 meters, the Kerbl Creativ is not exactly the largest of its kind.

Additional stability was achieved by the scratching post by its interesting format: So it stands, as already mentioned, not only on one, but on two independent floor plates. These are not only relatively heavy – they can also be arranged at right angles, which gives additional stability.

Bombing is the Kerbl but not in the 90 degree angle. Especially if he is to serve adult cats as a scratch and adventure playground, it is recommended to put him in a corner or fasten with screws to the wall.

Somewhat critically we also saw the cuddly cave of the cat tree: This is held together by Velcro strips and looks quite firm at first glance. An innovative idea in itself. However, we wondered what happens when more cat hairs accumulate in the velcro seams. Does the Velcro fastener continue or does the roof come off and the cat’s lair is “at risk of collapse”?

Either way, in terms of stability, the Kerbl scratching post is not that bad compared to its test competitors. Both the processed levels and the cat tree itself are relatively stable and stable. Nevertheless, with adult cats one should exercise some caution and place the scratching tree in a corner at best. In the category stability, we award a total of 3.4 stars.

Easy care: the dirt test

Such a scratching post is a real commodity. He has to withstand not only the extensive clawing of the kitty, but also scuffles and Tobespielen. In addition, our stub tigers but sometimes a mishap happen, which could be easily removed with a good scratching post from the material.

Especially the Kerbl Creativ is dominated by anthracite and blue by white. That can be a problem. For example, light fabric often looks worn or grainy very quickly. It is therefore particularly unfortunate that the covers of the test model can neither be removed nor washed. If contamination occurs, it is necessary to resort to the cleaning cloth.

But if the material can actually be cleaned well and the stains disappear?

We did the test and rubbed a mixture of grass, earth and water on a small area of ​​the scratching post. Then we allowed the mixture to dry overnight.

The result surprised us positively: Although a minimal graystone has remained, but the scratching post was easily rid of the applied dirt with a dry cloth. You can be quite satisfied with this, so that the Kerbl Creativ in our Scratching Tree Test is entitled to 3.5 stars in the category Easy Care.

Robustness and practice test in the shelter Hanover

After we examined the Kerbl Kratzbaum Creativ extensively in our editorial department, of course, the actual users of the cat accessories should make their judgment. For this we drove to the shelter Hanover and visited our subjects Kala and Kalmann.

The cats first looked at the Kerbl scratching post from a safe distance and approached the test object more carefully. With a little patience, we could still lure the two on the tree. Kala has looked at the individual levels of the cat’s accessories in peace and slightly whetted their claws on a sisal column. The toy was interesting for both cats, at least in the short term, but quickly lost its appeal.

Cuddly cave, tube and hammock remained completely unused. The latter has looked at Kala though briefly, so she was quite convinced of the shaky construction but not and therefore left her paws with them.

Truly thrilled with the cat tree Creativ neither cat nor cat seemed to be, which was possibly also related to the excitement of the two tiger tigers – after all, one is not visited every day by a camera team.

However, we were told by the zookeepers in the shelter Hanover that the cat tree Creativ was also little used in the following almost two weeks: Neither cuddly cave and lying areas still tunnel and hammock could convince our animal subjects of themselves. Zookeeper Christiane John had a good explanation for this: “The cat tree did not fare well with the cats, as generally all elements are much too small. The hammock, for example, is far too small and even in the tunnel or the cave does not fit a fully grown cat. ”

There was also a devastating judgment for the game balls: “I did not see a cat play with the toy. This is probably because it is fixed at a point one and a half meters high, where the cats do not like to jump around. ”

In addition, the processing of the columns was in the criticism: “The sisal does not make a good overall impression. Although the cats have not scratched much, he has now split up a bit. ”

As the shelter cats did not use the scratching post as far as possible and yet the first signs of wear and tear were already recognizable, zookeeper Christiane John awarded 1.5 stars in the practical test to the Kerbl Kratzbaum Creativ.

Conclusion: Kerbl scratching tree Creative

With a price starting at 99.99 euros, the Kerbl Kratzbaum Creativ was the second cheapest test model in our large cat tree test and was able to convince neither us nor the zookeepers from the shelter Hannover thoroughly. Although the design seemed extraordinary and varied at first glance, it received almost satisfactory to good reviews from us. Our concerns regarding the size and processing of the tree, however, have been confirmed in the field test: The numerous existing play and cuddly elements were too small and were not used by the cats. Even the sisal could not withstand the paws of our subjects everywhere.

If you want a well-made and durable cat tree, the Kerbl Creativ is probably a bad choice. This may offer itself as a cheap and varied transition model for active and playful kittens. At the latest when the cats have outgrown the adolescence, the purchase of the cat tree makes only little sense.

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