Cats in Winter: Helpful Hints

When the cold season comes, the question arises for many cat owners: Should I leave my cat outdoors in the winter or keep it in the apartment? Most cats prefer warmth. So they are not only happy on the windowsill above the heater but also on warm laptops – preferably when master or mistress have something important to do. Many free-fallers find the cold season anything but pleasant and like to voluntarily give up their clearance. Some simply shorten their time out, while other velvet paws trudge through the snow as ever.

Free-runners are also freezing

One way or the other: Free-runners also freeze in cold temperatures. That’s why it makes sense to install a cat flap, so that your cat can get back into the heat quickly and easily if necessary. If a cat flap is not an option, there are alternatives: For example, you can place a basket with pillows and blankets in the garage. Important, even if it is well meant: Do not put your cat on a coat in winter and also refrain from collars. Thus, the four-legged can quickly get stuck to branches and protruding objects. This is not good in the summer, but all the more devastating in winter, because there is a risk of frostbite!

As temperatures drop, your cat’s energy needs increase as well. That’s why you should make sure that your darling gets enough energy-rich cat food. It is quite normal for the animals to eat a bit more in winter than usual. It is also important that the cat has access to ice-free water should it freeze. A heat source such as a pocket warmer under the bowl slows down the freezing. If you have a pond in the garden, you should secure it. In light frost, only a very thin layer of ice forms. Here the danger threatens that the cat enters the pond, breaks in and drowns.

Please also note that cats that are mostly in the home, have less thick coat than their fellow counterparts. If you want to accustom your cat generally to the clearance, you should not start it in the cold season.

Velvet paw remains velvet paw

When your pet returns from a raid, make sure that ice and road salt are removed from the paws. You should also check the interstices of the bales, because the animals quickly enter foreign bodies, which can lead to painful inflammation. If your cat likes it, paws can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a soothing cream (such as marigold ointment) applied.

Attention: In cold weather you should definitely leave the kittens in the apartment. Under supervision, the small fur noses can go on a discovery tour for a maximum of 15 minutes. The fluffy baby fur is not made for the icy temperatures, because the little ones have no warming and water-repellent undercoat.

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