Cornish Rex – The Curly from Cornwall

Attitude recommendation

The Cornish Rex is a lively and friendly breed of cat, which remains playful until old age. Therefore, it is usually good for families with children. Since her coat is very fine and consists exclusively of undercoat, it should be kept mainly in the apartment. However, there is usually nothing wrong with a quick trip to a secure balcony. The Cornish Rex is reluctant to be alone, so – especially at work – should be considered urgently about the attitude of a second cat.

The hallmark of the Cornish Rex is its special coat, which curls, is made entirely of undercoat and a little reminiscent of a mole.

The gene mutation that causes the breed-typical hair change, is recessive (not dominant) inherited and is identical to the fur mutation of German Rex.

The first kitten with the Cornish Rex-typical fur condition was found on a farm in Cornwall and is said to have been re-paired with his mother. To expand the gene pool, one crossed in the first years of breeding additional Siamese in the breed. This should have led to the particularly large ears and the exceptional whip tail of the Cornish Rex.

Breed-specific traits

The Cornish Rex is considered an intelligent, friendly and cuddly cat breed. In addition, she behaves very human and affectionate.

Many race representatives remain playful all their lives and remind with their kind of kittens. For example, some cat owners report that their Cornish Rex can retrieve and like to race with other pets.

Her curiosity has the breed cat mostly under control. She loves to try everything and likes to explore her entire environment. Because of her friendly and alert nature, she is considered the ideal pet for shy children.

Attitude and care

Since the fur of the Cornish Rex is extremely fine and consists exclusively of undercoat, the breed cat is only suitable for housing. After all, she could cool off in the winter when out in the open and burn in the summer when the sun is too bright. For a quick visit to the secure balcony is certainly not objectionable.

Like many other cat breeds, Cornish Rex is reluctant to be left alone. Especially when working, therefore, the purchase of a second cat is recommended. In addition, you should offer the velvet paw a variety of job opportunities, as it remains playful until old age. A large and robust scratching post with many scratching surfaces is also an absolute must.


The Cornish Rex is characterized by a very special feature. It has scent glands on the paws, through which a slightly cheesy odor can flow. If you have a problem with cheese patties, it is better to reconsider the attitude of the breed.

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