Crawling Feline: Tick, mite & flea

As soon as the temperatures rise, ticks, mites and fleas quickly come to light. These pests are not only uncomfortable, but can also be used for cats.Display: Make your cat a pleasure to be dangerous

The beginning of the warm season is not only longed for by cats. Even the crawling pests have boomed with a climbing thermometer. The annoying bloodsuckers themselves are not the main problem. However, their bite can transmit dangerous diseases. Ticks are the most active in the months from March to June and from the end of August to October.

Thoroughly scan the cat

During this period, you should thoroughly check your freezer at least once a day for these parasites. Particularly well-perfused and thin-skinned areas are the target of ticks. Therefore, examine your cat’s head, neck, shoulders and armpits. Display: Make your cat happy to remove the pests. If you discover ticks that have already been sucked in, carefully remove them with tweezers or a special, commercially available tick tweezers. Be particularly careful when removing the parasite: The head of the tick must not get stuck in the skin, as this can then secrete saliva, which usually contains pathogens. Never put oil, nail polish or similar on the tick to kill it first. The tick could vomit the already sucked up blood into the skin wound – and thus also here dangerous exciters could get into the blood.

Two parasites with one stone

Especially in the early stages, they are very easy to overlook. No wonder, because then they are only a few millimeters in size and therefore difficult to recognize with the human eye. Tick ​​collars or Spoton preparations (a few drops are dripped to a spot in the neck of the cat that they can not lick) usually help at the same time against flea infestation. Be sure to ask the veterinarian of your confidence, because cats are sensitive to some agents for tick and flea control sensitive. For necklaces, please make sure that they open when the cat gets caught.

Even cats are endangered

In contrast to ticks, which are usually only affected by outdoor animals, FlöheDisplay: Directly for sale on Amazon [powered by contextR] can also infect apartment cats. Thus, a female flea unconsciously carried by a person into the home is enough to found a fast-growing flea population. Females can lay up to 50 eggs a day, of which about half are female fleas that also lay eggs. So if you discover even a tiny flea, it’s time to act fast. For this reason, you should regularly search your cat’s moorings for early detection. Pay attention to inconspicuous black crumbs. If they stain red on a damp kitchen paper, it is undigested blood in the flea feces and you can be sure that a flea infestation exists.
Fleas are everywhere

The common in fleas is that they are mostly not found on the cat, but could hide virtually anywhere. Only adult fleas jump on cats to suck blood. The eggs, larvae and pupae are distributed on carpets, scratching posts, sofas, etc. In order to be successful against fleas, it is important to include the environment of the cat in the cleaning. Unfortunately that also means that you will have a lot of work. After each vacuuming, you should discard the bag, and wash all blankets, pillows, covers that your cat is on at 60 degrees Celsius. If you have enough space, you can also place the affected parts in the freezer in a closed plastic bag for 24 hours at minus 20 degrees. Only use chemical fl uids for the environment if they are safe to use in cats. For a multi-cat household, all animals must be treated for flea infestations.

Caution mite infestation

In addition to ticks and fleas, mites are the most common parasites in cats. Among other things, you can recognize a mite attack by the fact that your cat often scratches and makes visual changes to the coat. Indications are a dull coat, inflamed areas and especially frequent scratching in the ear area. Please have your cat examined by a veterinarian. To successfully prevent a new case, you should clean your device and use a vet-recommended ambient spray. Preventive here too are spot-on products.

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