Friesland, North West Holland: Dog on board

Unforgettable pictures, impressions and insights remained from the dream vacation. Ulla Kanning and the Golden Retriever bitch Mila sailed by motorboat through Friesland, North West Holland. Read here if someone got seasick …

In motorboat on Friesland canals

Relaxed sitting on a comfortable motor boat, watch pretty windmills work, peacefully grazing cows watching, in the evening a delicious beer hiss in a picturesque Dutch Frisian town or stroll through the shopping streets, bathe in the inland seas, sunbathe, from the gentle rocking of the boat in the Sleep well – that’s what our dreams for the summer vacation looked like. But where did our dog display: To the best dog products on in these dreams? Would Mila feel comfortable on a staggering boat?

We had already tried to change them from a farm dog to a seal, and then realized: The rented boat was not optimal and one week was far too short to get the dog used to new life circumstances. This time we wanted to do better. We went in time (9 months before) to the search for a dog-friendly floating holiday home. We landed at a charter company in the town of Heeg, which offered us a brand new, spacious and flat boat. “Hieke” was his name. For the transport of Mila a small surcharge was due. On a hot June day we traveled with lots of luggage, including a huge supply of dog food, from our home in the L√ľneburg Heath on the Dutch border to Heeg. Jetty and boat stepped our otherwise very anxious dog glad cheer. With a more representative boat, Mila might have had trouble negotiating the distance between the edge of the boat and the deck (120 cm), but so she jumped the 80 cm loose on the smaller Vlet boats. On the smoothly decked boat deck, we spread carpeting left over and mats to make a few spots for Mila.

Like a mirage

Quick she felt good as in a floating doghouse. Of course, she found the first days of shipping pretty exciting. During our “cruise” in the typical Frisian countryside between Bolsward in the north and Zwartsluis in the south she always had something to look at. From her vantage point, she kept a close eye on us as well as on everything passing by the bows and stows. In the flat region, one occasionally thinks of seeing a mirage when a sail is supposed to push through green meadows. Days later, however, Mila slumbered calmly, when “her” 4-member crew in the locks worked hectic and had their hands full or when we had to deposit our user fee for the lock and bridge control room in small wooden shoes. We stopped every three hours to meet Mila’s needs and, as soon as we docked, she happily jumped off the boat, rolling in the meadows, picking up scents, or making contact with the crew from the neighboring boat.

On every second boat we met a four-legged friend

The Dutch are very fond of animals and almost on every second boat we met a four-legged friend. We also quickly got into conversation with other tourists. Mila always provided a topic of conversation. Once she was unceremoniously crossing the picnic blanket of a Dutch family with a well-stocked menu. Everyone wore it with humor. Then again she took a mud bath and walked off as a dirty “booty cat” the laughing row of neighbors. On every occasion we built beautiful walks in our trip plan, sometimes a tour on a nature trail, sometimes the circumnavigation of a small island. Sometimes it was just a shopping spree in the next larger city. Mila had many new impressions to deal with: low-flying tethered balloons, grazing sheep that could not be hunted, and, and, and. But she had her peg around day and night, which shared some tidbits with her and that sometimes gave her comfort when a terrible thunderstorm passed.

When the sun sinks in the reeds

Unforgettable pictures, impressions and insights remained to us from our dream vacation 2000: The beautiful “Hieke”, as it chugs through lonely canals, a Mila contented with itself and the world, which slumbers in the high bank grass, the glowing red evening sun, which sinks behind the reed … and the certainty that Mila is a great dog who goes through thick and thin with us. Of course, we all go back in the fall on “big trip”.

More information

There are countless charter boat providers in the Dutch province of Friesland. For large dog advertisements: Among the best dog products on the multi-storey motor boats are certainly a problem.

because the stairs inside are extremely steep and narrow. In addition, it is difficult to get a large dog on board, since the distance between the boat’s edge and deck is 120 cm. The smaller Vlet boats are less problematic.

The Dutch do not require a boating license. An instruction will be given when taking over the boat. Experience is, however, an advantage, since the waters (except in the off-season) quite busy, the local thoroughfares with their payable folding and standing bridges very narrow and narrow and the inland seas can be very storm-driven.

German is spoken almost everywhere. Swimming is possible in the canals, but better in the lakes. For Dog Ads: Directly for sale on Amazon the rabies vaccination in Int. Vaccination certificate.

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