Garfield has pancreatitis!

Tomcat Garfield was a wild, bright guy from an early age. As an adult seven kilo hangover, he was undisputed boss in the area. Until he started losing weight a year ago. Despite delicacies offered he ate less and less and leaned on three and a half kilograms of body weight – far too little for the big hangover! Now and then he suffered from diarrhea and vomiting; Dehydration was the result. All in all, the symptoms were nonspecific and would have worked well for various illnesses. Garfield was therefore thoroughly checked by the veterinarian, but the examinations did not lead to any diagnosis. The kidney values ​​were a little elevated, but not enough to explain Garfield’s condition. The veterinarian also thought of pancreatitis, but there were not really meaningful methods of diagnosis. Garfield’s owner was already very desperate, because the word “put to sleep” was in the room.

Diagnosis with new snap test

The next time she took the cat to the vet, there was news: a quick test to clarify the suspected diagnosis “pancreatitis”. The vet took a small amount of blood from Garfield and after ten minutes the new snap test showed a positive result. To ensure this, the veterinarian sent the rest of the blood to the veterinary laboratory, so that the value of the pancreatic lipase was determined by another new laboratory test. The clear increase in this value underpinned the result of the rapid test carried out in practice: Garfield’s poor condition is caused by a chronic inflammation of the pancreas. The veterinarian’s ultrasound examination of the pancreas showed that neither cysts nor abscesses that made the disease more difficult were found on the pancreas. Based on the findings, it was now possible to start a targeted therapy and it is hoped that Garfield will soon be better. If the Snap test has a negative result in practice, pancreatitis can be ruled out.

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