Grooming in cats: You should pay attention to this

Cats are among the cleanest animals ever. Hardly any other animal companion of humans takes it as closely with the body care as the kitty. Nevertheless, the cat owner is in demand when it comes to cleanliness and care. This is especially true for the coat of the kitty.

Fur Care in Cats: Comb daily during coat change

Especially when seasonally the change of coat occurs, regular combing is important. Please note: The brush should not have too hard bristles, that could hurt the little darling. In addition, you must not comb against the grain, but only from the head in the direction of the tail.

Especially long-haired cat breeds such as Maine Coon or Persian cat need a lot of support in grooming. Although these cats usually clean daily, but this is not just a shiny and clean coat. Uncaired hair can get matted quickly, especially if your kitty is a freeroll and sometimes has a bit of greens in her coat.

Many cats tolerate this type of care without resistance, because for some it is like a kind of massage. At best, the cat is used to brushing since the kittens age and acknowledges the combing with a comforting purr.

If the cat hates brushing

Not every kitty is used to combing. In pet cats, the new cat owners often have to iron out the mistakes of previous owners and do tedious trust work before the cat even dares to get close to them. Such cats are usually not easy to surprise with brush or comb and hope for the best. You need tact and patience. First, it can help if you let the cat the strange object – the creepy brush – first only sniff. You may also need to test several brushes before finding the right one for your velvet paw. The cat slowly gets used to grooming. Brush it in the first few days, only a small part of the coat – if possible at a point where you may touch the cat too. Most of the time it works well on the back – but brushing the stomach or throat is not a good idea. The cat should perceive the brushing as a positive experience. So do not wait until she gets upset or beats her paw with your hand. If in doubt, you can brush the kitty at first only one minute. You can increase time and intensity slowly. But always rewarded the desired behavior every time!

In very shy or traumatized animals often helps only the shearing at the vet. This happens under anesthesia and is of course not healthy in the long run. Therefore, try to get the babe used to the brushing and do not give up just because it does not work on the first try.

Tips: When the cat needs to be bathed

On the other hand, most of the velvet paws are hated by a bath. Fortunately, that’s not often necessary unless the little adventurers have rolled outside in the mud or are tainted with unpleasant smells after the walk. Then just put in the bathtub – or even a small bowl – a little lukewarm water and bathe the animal gently and slowly. The water should not go further than the belly of the cat and you should always wash from bottom to top. Doing slow, circular movements to additionally soothe the kitty and massage a little – then she may be more likely to accept the laundry.

With almost all cats the bath will not bring you any points on the popularity scale, however the smells are usually quickly and effectively disappeared. If necessary, a small amount of cat shampoo can help. If your little rascal refuses vehemently, also dry shampoo (for cats!) Could be a solution. So you can get the Miez clean without getting wet.

Either way, once the grooming is over, the cat should be praised and given a reward. Then next time she may be more inclined to go through the procedure.

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