Hangovers are from Mars and cats from Roll

Love at first sight is under cats indicator: rarely make your cat a pleasure. It can not be calculated, predicted or even forced. However, we have already penetrated into the secret of mutual sympathy – how far, we present you here.

When Paul Leyhausen, the late cat researcher, discovers the “Brotherhood of Tomcat”, the world was in order, for the men in general and the cats in particular: the masculinity leaves in the evening and squats together peacefully, while the women do the house beware, play with the children or cuddle deviously, as long as no rival comes into view. In this case, the favorite kitty has cliché to become a fury, which of course cat brothers would never do in life.

Free and potent

In reality, however, this behavior is only a one-off observation: Rivaling hangovers perform occasional desert battles outside their “pub”. Females tolerate – at least in catteries in the countryside – their daughters, sometimes even foreign females. However, the young cats are not taken seriously by anyone. In semi-wild cat groups, they hang around and go on at some stage, until they are tall and strong enough to drive a “top dog” from the farm. Those who hold a potent free-wheeling cat will hardly be able to hold a second of this variety. Because unlike on a farm, the young hangover do not stay outside the apartment and thus enter the restricted area for foreign hangovers. The inferior will disappear, and what that is, decides the personal war between the two. If the owner interferes, the condition will be worse than better.

In the flat

Life exclusively in the apartment exacerbates the condition a lot. There, even a single potent male can be hard to bear. Two of them are fighting and marking the apartment, and it is becoming too much for the owner. Who breeds, adheres to the Haremsprinzip all by itself: a pasha and one to three females, number of children matter, the main thing, they come before sexual maturity out of the house. On the eunuchs (castrated tomcat) you can do without it. The Paschas are not always friendly towards them, provided that they live in the house at all and that the breed does not rely on foreign masked cats. A touch of masculinity still hovers over castrated cats, and that is sometimes enough to cause mistrust. The cats themselves accept a neutered cat quite well, taking into account whether they have young.

Hangovers stay more in the house

Overall, neutering is the best peacemaker, if you want more than a cat indicator: make her cat a pleasure or keep a hangover. Thus, the typical male fighting practices no longer get hormonal support. By the operational extinction of the desire for the opposite sex becomes the Mr. Fight a Mr. Right, maybe a boring, but rarely a villain. Domestically, they not only cuddle with us, but also with each other and with the females and become more and more like humans. Like masters and mistresses, they fall over the snacks at night and sleep together in front of the television. Many become lazy and sluggish, and if they decide to move, then they are the peace movement. Those who have two loving cats risk the truce with the addition of another, regardless of whether the newcomer is a female, a male, a young or a senior.

Females want a lot out

After the castration the queens react a little differently: relieved of the eternal rollicking and childbearing, they like to plunge into pleasure, into adventurous adventures with a lot of mice, beetles, meadow, sand and sun. When freewheeling is allowed, females are now more likely to be outside than the males. This way of life, this change of desire does not arouse the need for another cat society in a female. In the apartment, on the other hand, there is more of a desire for variety. Whether a cat companion is good for, you do not know. Most likely to fit here especially an animal of the sex that has already accepted the kitty before. In general, it is said that female cats do not get used to a second cat as easily as single hangovers. If you still want to dare,

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