Looking for a good dog school? You have to pay attention to that!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dog professional – most dog owners can learn something about dog training. Because if it does not work with the basic obedience or other exercises, the dog is rarely responsible. There you can have informed yourself so comprehensively before the dog purchase: From professional assistance in a good dog school benefit two- and four-legged friends alike.

But what makes a good dog school different from a bad one? With our tips you will find the right dog school for you and your four-legged friends!

It is worthwhile to visit a dog school:

Puppy play hours
Education of puppies
behavior advice
behavior training
Work on specific problems (eg fear or leash)
Dog sports
Occupation of the dog
trick training
Secondary education, e.g. to the therapy dog
The delivery of certificates
Counseling and theoretical lessons

10 criteria for a good dog school

1. You can arrange a trial date

No one likes to buy the cat in a sack. At a reputable dog school you are allowed to stop by and give you a picture of the teaching methods. A trial session should be free and not obligatory to attend a course.

2. The offer of the dog school includes theory and practice

Anyone can apply rules, but it is more helpful if you also understand the meaning behind the exercises. Who understands the behavior of his dog, can use education methods more targeted. The dog school should therefore pursue a concept that combines theoretical teaching and practical exercises.

3. Only non-violent methods are used

Violence should never be part of dog training, neither at the dog school nor at home. Alleged aids such as choking and power collars can traumatize sensitive, but even self-conscious animals and cause behavioral disturbances or even worse. The assumption that especially as stubborn or assertive dog breeds would require a particularly “strict hand” is wrong.

Positive reinforcement, patience and consistency, on the other hand, are well suited to teach the four-legged friend one thing or another – without fear or pain.

 4. There are individual and group lessons

Not all dogs are compatible with other dogs. Especially dogs that have never been properly socialized can have serious problems with other four-legged friends. For them, teaching in the group quickly becomes a burden – and vice versa. The dog trainer should therefore offer individual lessons and respond individually to the needs of its customers. Especially so-called “problem dogs” need intensive individual training, often over a long period of time.

5. The group size is appropriate

A large group is hard to overlook. In addition, the dog trainer can no longer respond to individual questions at too high a number of participants. So that no one comes too short, the group size should remain within manageable limits.

6. All dog breeds are accepted equally

A good dog school offers lessons for all breeds. No big dogs or small dogs are treated preferentially or races are excluded from the training. Not only Border Collies and Australian Shepherds can be trained and learn tricks! Chihuahuas and other companion dogs are also capable of doing so. The dog school should therefore be open to any four-legged friends. Breed-specific traits and requirements should nevertheless be considered.

 7. Change the training locations

For the beginning, of course, the area of ​​the dog school, but ultimately the test for every four-legged friends is the daily routine: Does he get along in the city? How does he react to joggers or cyclists? Does the passionate herding dog try to squeeze children into the playground? In order to recognize such problems (and also progress in behavior), the dog trainer should also practice with his protégés outside the school.

8. The dog trainer regularly attends trainingsinsights,

so dog trainers should be trained regularly. In a good dog school, the dog trainers regularly attend training courses and expand their knowledge. In addition, they willingly provide information about their qualifications.

9. The dog trainer has a sound education

A professional dog trainer has dealt with behavioral biology in his training. His knowledge is based not only on experience, but have a scientific basis. Also the physiology, anatomy and genetics of the dog should have played a role in training or further education. The dog trainer must be able to advise the owner comprehensively and, for example, recognize when a dog is overstressed in dog sports. At best, the off training of the trainer can be recognized and / or recommended by official bodies, for example the veterinary chamber or an IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

10. The offer is varied

Not necessarily a quality criterion, but practical: The dog school offers not just one course, but several. So you do not have to change school as soon as your dog controls the basic commands. For many dog owners, the dog school is also a permanent contact point for problems with the four-legged friends.

 Listen to your gut feeling

You have found a dog school that meets all these criteria? The chances are relatively high that it is a good dog school. But do you feel well? Should you have a bad feeling during the trial training in the dog school, keep looking! You have to rely on the advice of the dog trainer and be able to accept his instructions – this only works if everything interpersonal fits.

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