Menus for magnificent finches

Although almost all superb finches are satisfied with the daily exotic fish food, but who served them a varied menu, their body and soul good.

Basic food must be, so you should not miss the exotic food in the commercial mixture. Unless, of course, you’ve already discovered which grains of the seeds contained therein never touch your finches and which ones they love to eat. Then of course you can put together your own mixture, because in the pet shop, there are the millet and herbal varieties individually.

Delicatessen for splendid finches

Millet flasks, from which the birds can pick out individual grains themselves, should be on the menu at least once a week. Extravitamins are best administered through germination. Thoroughly boil a tablespoon of food mixture in a colander, let it swell at room temperature, take a shower, let the first germs sprout, and shower again. Even the swollen grains are considered to be delicacies in splendid finches, the seeds are really healthy when they have broken up and a tiny seedling shows up. But they will also be nibbled afterwards.

A bunch to eat and play

Super delicacies in the form of blades of grass get you on a walk off the road (because of pollution). In spring and summer you will find a variety of varieties that you can pick and put as a bouquet to feed in the aviary. Some flower first, others still show closed seedles, others are half ripe. Everyone tastes and shortens their everyday life, because the finches can spend hours working on it.

Pick some stock and let the blades of grass ripen like cut flowers in a water-filled vase. Every day there’s a bunch for playing, reviewing and picking. The rest straws use many for nest building. (Ursula Birr)

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