Our feathered friends suffer from drought

The NABU Niedersachsen asks nature lovers to set up birdwatchers because of the dry and hot weather. Birds are suffering from the lack of water. It is therefore important to offer the animals in the garden, on the terrace or balcony a drinking opportunity.

“The birds are now suffering from the lack of water”

The birds are now suffering from the lack of water “, says Ulrich Thüre, press spokesman NABU Niedersachsen. “The few remaining natural waterholes have already dried up. There are no puddles at all, even in some ditches there is little water. “It was therefore very important to offer birds bird baths, whether in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony.

However, to ensure that the good deed is not reversed, the following must be taken into consideration: First, care must be taken that the water remains clean. Salmonella, trichomonads & Co. can multiply too fast otherwise. “Daily water changes, rinsing and cleaning are part of the obligatory bird friend”, says Thüre.

Beware of parasites!

In the past, trichomonads, a parasite, spread among the birds and killed mostly greenfinches. Hundreds of birds died in the Lower Saxony area as well as in Schleswig-Holstein, ‘Trichomonas gallinae’, tiny unicellular flagellates that also swim around at small waterholes in the birds’ drinking water. However, no chemicals should be used to disinfect the birdbath, boiling water is sufficient. Alternatively, two water bowls can be used alternately. “If a potion is dry for 24 hours, preferably in the sun, the parasites are dead,” explains Ulrich Thüre.

“Bird baths are available in the garden trade. A shallow bowl, a flowerpot coaster or a soup plate will do it too, “advises the bird expert. It is important that the potions are set up in a well-visible place not in the immediate vicinity of bushes. Otherwise it can happen that a ‘tomb tiger’ of the merry bathing party comes to an abrupt end.

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