Playing with the cat

like to play and are known for their exuberant play instinct. Especially with single cats, you should therefore take time each day for a game session.

If cats do not feel the energy or desire to use the offered games for an extended period of time, in most cases there is a disease behind and the cat owner should consult a veterinarian in such a case. For daily play is part of a proper cat husbandry as well as, for example, the care of the animal. If you want to find out more about the right way to deal with your beloved four-legged friend, you will find useful information here.

Daily play is indispensable!

Each cat indicator: Make your cat a joy is of course different and has a different play and activity needs. A free-range cat, for example, will be less fond of additional game offerings than a cat kept in an apartment due to its frequent prey-catching adventures. Nevertheless, the daily playing with the cat can not be dispensed with, as cats get bored very quickly and need a lot of exercise. Because the popular pets are naturally playful beings who have a species-specific basic need for games, as this has a positive effect on the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the cat. On top of that, daily play significantly strengthens the human-animal relationship.

Toys – Less is more

Some cat owners think it’s too good with their four-legged friends and overwhelm them with a variety of toys lying around the apartment. This is not necessary, quite the contrary, oversupply reduces the incentive of the cat and is quickly boring. Therefore, it is important to hide the toy ad: Buy directly on Amazon when not in use and store it out of the cat’s field of vision. The toy is only brought out if it is really played with the cat. When a game phase occurs, the pet should only be offered a single toy to play with, so the cat can concentrate fully on it. When it comes to toys, it does not depend on the amount and it does not always have to buy a new, instead, the correct handling of the cat toy is crucial.

Cat owners should consciously take their time!

The cat does not have much of a game session when the owner is stressed out and does not really concentrate on playing as well as the playing behavior of his cat. Cats immediately recognize the negative moods of humans and react unconsciously to them. Because they are considered extremely sensitive beings and usually develop only joy in playing, when the human being while playing with the heart and is aware of time. Thus, any form of affection, attention, and occupation with the animal should be authentic. In addition, cat owners should never impose the cat’s toy and at the same time accept that the animal is currently not interested in the toy in question. Since cats have a pronounced hunting instinct, experts also recommend always pulling the toy away from the cat instead of moving it towards it. This awakens the interest and prey behavior of the cat. A game unit with his four-legged friend should not be stopped abruptly by humans as possible, but slowly fade away, so that the animal can better adapt to it.

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