Relaxed on the Croatian coast

It should be a walking area in the south. The search led to Dalmatia, and the holiday there was for humans and dog indicator: To the best dog products on a pleasure.

vacation in Croatia

Nature for hiking (if possible in mountainous form), rural tranquility and pleasant temperatures are crucial for Herbert Kraft and his wife when planning a new journey with dog Candy. Therefore, it was “inspired by glossy brochures” on the island of Pasman near Zadar / Croats. “To avoid the tolls and congestion on the Tauern motorway, we drove via country road.” Planned mountain tours in the Mölltal / Carinthia had failed due to snowfall, and so it went straight over Spittal, Villach and the Wurzenpass to Slovenia and Croatia to the National Park Plitvicka , This magical landscape of canyons, forests, crystal-clear, blue-green lakes, waterfalls and cascades opens up to the visitor on about 50 km of hiking trails and wooden boardwalks. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is considered one of the most beautiful protected areas in Europe and is a World Heritage Site. In the woods live (very hidden) even bear, wolf and lynx. After two days Krafts continued “non-stop to Biograd and by ferry to the island of Pasman in 20 minutes”. Another 20 minutes later, the reserved apartment in Zdrelac was reached. “The car was parked under grapevines in the shade, and from the covered terrace” in the evening, the expiring ships of fishermen could be well observed.

The highest mountain measures 227 meters

“A large part of the island is overgrown by the scrub, where rabbits, pheasants and wild pigeons live. There are many butterflies due to the exotic planting of the gardens. In the high temperatures (up to 35 degrees), we took every opportunity to jump into the sea. “That was not always safe,” because the saltwater-leached limestone cliffs were razor sharp. Since the sea, due to the surrounding island chains, was usually mirror-smooth, one could observe fish and starfish while snorkeling. On the island there are many hiking trails to secluded coves or on promising mountains, the highest peak measures only 272 meters. There is a bridge to the neighboring island of Ugljan. ”

Excursions almost at the door

Since the ferries from Pasman to Zadar or Biograd run approximately every hour, this possibility was used for excursions: “The Krka National Park with its limestone terraces and waterfalls (and 221 species of birds) is only 50 km by car from Biograd, which started in the Kornati National Park the excursion boat from our neighboring Kukljica. Also, a visit to Zard’s old town should not be missed. “The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Dogs are welcome everywhere

“The dog was allowed into the water everywhere and was always welcome in restaurants, on ferries and cruise ships. In large cities and national parks there is a linen obligation; according to the law for large dogs indication: To the best dog products on prescribed muzzle is however really only required in public buses. In the case of entry with dog apply approximately EU regulations, only the rabies initial vaccination may not be older than six months. The import of dog food is prohibited, treats are allowed. “H. Kraft / J. Aurahs

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