So you find the right dog breeder

Finally the big moment has come. An own dog, a small puppy, should be brought into the house. But how do you find the right dog? And if you have then decided on race, gender and age – how can you tell if a dog breeder is serious? We have some tips for you!

Most importantly, you do not rush. Spontaneity is in the dog and animal purchase generally quite, very bad. In the run-up, you should think carefully whether and which dog suits your circumstances. Then you should inform yourself in as much detail as possible about the desired breed and its claims. Any good dog breeder will also give you more info about the breed.

If you have chosen a breeder, you should visit him at least twice before deciding on a puppy from the litter. In fact, many dog ​​breeders insist on a “get-to-date” to see if you are suitable as a keeper.

Serious dog breeder? You should pay attention to the following points:

* What is the environment? Do the dogs grow up in a clean, hygienic place? Check it out unannounced – so you can make your impression as unadulterated as possible.

* Where are the puppies housed? Are you locked in a kennel or do you have a family connection, are you allowed to explore the world on small paws? Especially in the embossing phase, it is particularly important that the dogs have contact with humans and other animals and are allowed to look around in their environment!

* What does the mother bitch look like? Is she well-groomed, does she make a healthy impression? Does she approach the visitors with interest and a keen eye? Is she friendly? Does it work well socialized?

* In what condition are the puppies? Do you have a well-groomed, shiny coat? Guard, not glued, not watery eyes? Are ears and the dog poop clean? If you have to answer one of these points with “no”, then you should not only take the puppy concerned, but no animal from this litter!

* How serious is the breeder’s job? Are the dogs already dewormed? Vaccinated? Chipped? All this you should ask and show you the appropriate documents. Also reviews officially-effective documents critically and accurately.

* How important is the dog breeder that his offspring in good hands? Does he take time for a personal conversation, does he want to know how you live, what job you have, where the dog is housed and how much time you have for him? In short: Does he pique you like a job interview? OK then! Then you probably have found a responsible breeder, where you can feel in good hands.

* Is the breeder also available for questions and contact after the puppy purchase? This is very important. You will need good advice every now and then. So look for someone who will help you – even after he has got his money!

If you are sure that you have found a reputable dog breeder, then you can choose the puppy with peace of mind. In this point, you can then be guided by your own feelings – because above all the chemistry between the dog and the owner must be right. If it “sparks” between two- and four-legged friends right from the start, you will surely become a great team later!

Just have a look in our dog classifieds. Here you will find many serious breeders and also determines your dream dog. But watch out: even in the online animal market there are black sheep despite extensive controls. Take note of our pet purchase tips and secure puppy checklist. If you then pay attention to the points listed here and the quality seals in the animal market, nothing should stand in the way of happy living together.

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