Soup Kasper on four paws

Luna, why do not you eat anything again? “” No, I will not eat my soup! “, Luna seems to answer the four-legged soup kasper a la Struwwelpeter and grabs the food bowl with a bored look. Mistress worries the most. The little crossbreed is in her opinion anyway too thin, and then she can still stand her food. In the following days, the dog owner tries to make her four-legged friends with all sorts of delights appetite: chicken, a piece of beef filet … After a week again Luna’s reproachful view from the bowl to mum: “Chicken again?” While other four-legged animals gratefully devour their food, The little dog lady graces each time you put her the full bowl. Is Luna ill, spoiled by the owner or innately flawed? “If there are no organic causes behind it, such a crooked behavior is usually both educated and hereditary. And not dependent on race, but on the basis of size “, states veterinarian and behavioral trainer Dr. med. Nora Marx-Dawid from Vienna. “The smaller a dog is, the trickier he can be eating, because he is not so hungry and often already full of treats.”

Competition boosts appetite

In addition to the size of the animal also trained in the whelk eating behavior plays an important role. “In a big litter, the puppies have competition and have to fight for a teat,” Dr. Marx-Dawid. These dogs therefore learn to appreciate the eating. “But when the puppy comes as a single dog to a family, everything is different. Then not only does the competition fall away. In the unfamiliar environment at the beginning he probably eats less. Most owners then make the mistake of serving something different to the little one and something else and even better. “And already masters and mistresses are trapped in a vicious circle of caring and pampering. In the end, this is how a grownup dog was used. Therefore Dr. Marx-Dawid, first of all to stay with that food that the puppy is used to from the breeder.

The smell of the food is more important than the taste

That in many cases our behavior as a dog owner is to blame, if our favorites are too sensitive, also confirmed the expert for animal nutrition and dietetics Ao. Univ. Dr. Christine Iben from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna: “If the four-legged friend gets too much attention, if he refuses his feed, that reinforces his behavior”. She advises, however, to take into consideration the taste of the dog. “Like us humans, many things do not taste good for our animals and that should be respected”. However, the range of dog food today is so varied that probably the right taste for every snout. Even more important than the taste is the four-legged gourmets but the smell of the feed, since their sense of smell is much more pronounced. For example, dogs with colds refuse their food if they can not smell it. And behind the lack of appetite of old dogs is often their declining sense of smell, Prof. Iben knows. If the senior can not be encouraged to eat even over more odorous food, you should visit the vet. For a quick vet visit she advises especially with appetite puppies. With them, it can quickly lead to serious energy shortage. “Besides, in puppies that do not eat, the cause is almost always a disease”. In healthy adult dogs, however, we must be less worried, according to Prof. Iben. “A healthy dog ​​does not starve in front of the full bowl unless the food is spoiled. Adult dogs can starve for up to three weeks without suffering any damage. However, this is dependent on the nutritional status of the animal and is only for healthy dogs and with sufficient supply of water. “But how do you make a soup kasper a grateful eater? “Offer eating in tiny portions,” Dr. Marx-Dawid. “Just put a spoonful of food in the bowl. Only when the dog has eaten it, the next spoon. If he stops eating, immediately clear away the food leftovers “. So you can gradually motivate the dog to eat over the hunger again.

Warning sign for health reasons

But the causes are not always harmless when the dog refuses to eat. Sometimes there are more or less serious health problems behind it. “Frequent physical causes can be toothache, problems with swallowing and above all indigestion,” explains Privatdozent dr. Leschnik. The digestive problems can come from the stomach, the liver, the pancreas, or the intestine. “If the dog is sick, because he has eaten something rotten, for example, then substances enter the blood, which ultimately signal to the brain: I do not like to eat.” Leschnik advises to pay attention to important warning signs such as vomiting, diarrhea or gargling in the stomach. A health problem is also when the animal goes to the food bowl, takes something in the mouth and then goes away or spits out the bite. In these cases, a veterinarian should definitely be consulted. On the other hand, if the dog does not even taste it, then the smell does not suit him. “You should always pay attention to the general condition of the dog. If he is not only appetite, but also knocked off, then a vet visit is indicated. In some cases, even serious illnesses such as heart problems can lead to food denial “. In addition, the hormone balance has a massive impact on the appetite. In love males and pseudopregnant females often deny the food.

Vitamin intake necessary?

Of course, if the dog does not eat for a while, the owner will naturally worry about the lack of nutrients. The supply of vitamins is not always immediately necessary because the dog has indeed vitamin storage and even produces vitamins. However, it is indicated above all for digestive problems. Privatdozent Leschnik: “Certain vitamin cocktails also have a stimulating property that can indirectly boost their appetite”.

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