The love life of our cats

Make your cat happy! The cat decides who of the suitors – often there are several who promote their favor – and who does not. Cats are extremely fertile animals. A domestic cat can bring it up to three litters per year with an average of four to five kittens

The love life of our cats is unmistakable. If on a clear March night in a backyard or a suburban garden the cats of the whole neighborhood are involved, sleep is out of the question. Cat girls usually become sexually mature at six to nine months, but no later than one year. This is individually different and also depends on the breed. Ladies, for example, are in a hurry, they are already calling after the cat with half a year.

Ripe for love

Often quite surprising for their owners is suddenly off the otherwise so blessed appetite of the kitten. Suddenly it screams, wails and complains heartbreakingly, rolls violently on the floor and gets a very peculiarly transfigured facial expression. Then again the little girl cuddles, pushes herself against the caressing hand, rubs her head and flanks on everything and everyone, to put her scent marks there. In between, she presented with pushed through the cross and lateral tail her buttocks. And then she rolls again and rolls and rolls. The diagnosis is simple: the cat indicator: make her cat a pleasure is rollig, or in other words, she is fervent and naturally capable of reproduction. Of course every cat has its own peculiarities. It may be that a rather calm and well-balanced cat, perhaps one who is older and more experienced, is less demonstrative in her “critical days”, while a naturally temperamental cat simply becomes unbearably manly. Especially the exotics, such as the Siamese, are downright shameless and uninhibited in displaying their sexual drive. But, as you know, even still waters can be deep and are no guarantee of modesty.

Rollig around the year

Normally, a freewheel cat will roll twice a year. This heat period lasts for about eight to ten days, but only four days are ready for mating. If she is not covered by a hangover during this time, the next rotation can occur three weeks later. However, because the mating and reproduction readiness of the cats is controlled by the length of daylight, pure domestic cats exposed daily to light for up to 14 hours may become ruffled at any time of the year. Incidentally, female cats do not know female cats. They retain their reproductive ability into old age. It is not unusual for a 15-year-old cat to give birth twice a year.

Early, what a real cat wants to become

Even during the nursery period, such a little fellow grabs his sibling – which in the heat of battle can also be a brother – skilfully with a neck grip and tries and trains playful and instinctively sexual behaviors. Details are not yet familiar to him, because he rides, for example, from the head and then then forfeited with the playmate in a wild brat. At the same time, of course, the appropriate tools for reproduction grow as well. In the hangover of about two months develop on the penis tip between 100 and 200 horny papillae, which act like barbs, as they are directed backwards. Their development can be prevented by early castration. Two months later, the formation of the male sex hormone uses testosterone, which controls the maturation of the reproductive organs as well as the cat-typical mating behavior. With eight to ten months, it is the first time that the young cat gets involved in the first love adventures, although he usually only successfully covers after the tenth month.

Casanovas on dangerous raids

Unlike females, hangovers are always ready and not tied to specific times. But they also pack the spring feelings in a particularly intense way. Then she overcomes the unrest and they roam wide areas, always in search of the irresistible scent of a sex-addicted bride. They are just not going to slow down,

ignore any caution – even on the road, which can cost you your life. During this time, most cats are run over. Forgotten are hunger and the trusted home, they can not be seen there for nights. There are many quarrels between the cats in one area, even before a cat is in sight – fake ears and scratched noses bear witness to such power struggles.

The hangover, a fragrant guy

Everywhere now the pleasure-walking hangover leaves hearty smelling business cards in the form of urine spatters. Trees, shrubs, fences and house corners testify to their presence. And some do not even spare their own four walls to announce their ownership claim accordingly. Others prefer to perfume eagerly, otherwise, home entrances, behind which they suspect a lovely playmate. And if a lover’s nose reveals the presence of a cat in a cat, then he appears there regularly to check her scent marks and patiently wait until she leaves the house. Of course, several males read this fragrant news and therefore often have to work with several rivals for the same cat.

Mate choice is pure woman thing

The competitors try to beat each other out of the field with their showmanship. Which, however, seems to make little impression on the object of their desire. Because she chooses a favorite in peace and quiet. By no means must it be who has emerged victorious, even the loser has a chance with her. Because the choice of the partner in the cat scene is a woman’s business. From a human point of view it is sometimes a mistake, because not infrequently she looks just a puny tomcat, instead of getting involved with a sample copy of strength and beauty.

Nothing works without foreplay

If she has a candidate in the eye, she encourages him. Usually so inconspicuous that we do not notice it. Maybe she makes a coquettish escape move when he looks around, maybe she looks at him for a moment, maybe she mistresses him a hidden message. At any rate, the person addressed opens up to conquer it. Newcomers get straight to the point, experienced lovers keep back – each cat is a bit different in order to succeed in a cat. And of course, every kitty has its own scam in the mating prelude, even if it takes place after a strict ritual. As soon as he dares to approach her full of hope, she plays the brittle, retires. Kokettierflucht means that in the jargon, because far away she is not. And then she rolls again provocatively and animates him again with a gentle love whisper to get closer. If she accidentally left him, she waits patiently for him. If necessary, the kitty even goes back a bit so that the man of her choice does not escape her.

First she seduces him, then she gets rude

If no defense comes from her side, the cat jumps to her, grabs her teeth in the neck fur and rides up. Now everything goes fast, the actual copulation lasts only a few seconds. Then she lets go of a horrible scream and usually turns very aggressive to the cat. The knowledgeable cat is warned and pulls back in time before she can miss him a few slaps. Reason for the cry are probably the backward spines on the cat’s penis, which painfully scratch the walls of the female vagina when retracted. This shock, it is believed, is necessary, because only then the ovulation is set in motion in the cats and thus fertilization possible.

Once is not enough

After a short break, which usually lasts only a few minutes, but the pain is already forgotten, and in the cat awakens again the desire for an association. And the game starts all over again. If there is no other cat near the cat, she tries to seduce the cat again and again after the first time. She walks a few steps away, the cat behind, but is now not quite as passionate about the matter. That’s why she has to show more commitment now; After a few successful acts of love, she literally presses him to get him in the mood.

Hangover for a few hours

This behavior can be observed, for example, if one has visited a so-called cover cat with a breeding cat. Here, only one cat should and can be used, as the offspring should have a detectable father in their papers. During the rolling period freewheeling cats usually mate with more than one hangover. A study even proves seven different partners with whom a lovesick cat has become involved. But not all cats do it so colorful, there are also proven cases in which For a long time a babe was content with a single lover, even though there were plenty of interested people.

Curse of fertility

Cats are extremely fertile animals. A domestic cat can bring it up to three litters per year with an average of four to five kittens. If you do not want to breed with your cat or cat, you should have the animal neutered before it gets offspring. The best time to do this is when the sexual maturity begins, ie between the fifth and seventh month. However, the animal should already be fully grown. Castrated cat too early, which can lead to the so-called giant growth. If one waits too long with the procedure, the cat begins to mark what he must not have completely forgotten even after the castration. Therefore, you should also neuter pure cats, as neither the spraying of the cat nor the regular lovesickness of the cat is particularly pleasant.

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