Velvet dog over the Brenner

Do you like hiking and also your the best dog products on is good on foot? Then you dare a longer tour over the Brenner. Collie hybrid Sindi and Herbert Kraft were thrilled. Read her experiences here!

The long way over the Brenner to Italy is worthwhile

While dog advertisements are increasingly undesirable for the best dog products on in Italy, both in holiday quarters and in restaurants, they can still be taken almost anywhere in South Tyrol. With reasonably good behavior they are usually even welcome, as well as in the long side valley of the Eisack between Bressanone and Klausen. In almost all pensions, mountain inns and apartments, holidays with the dog are possible at no extra charge.

By contrast, Lake Garda is almost impossible to find a dog-friendly pension. Written questions remained unanswered without exception. Therefore, we drove personally in the appropriate places and tried to book a holiday apartment for two people with a dog. All landlords refused! Even with the intensive search for a restaurant in which dogs also have access, we were out of luck.

So better spend a few days in Villnösstal. To settle in, you have the choice between a variety of walks. In the area around St. Jakob there are comfortable paths without large differences in altitude. It goes over alpine meadows and through spruce forests. Here, on the right hand side, the long drawn-out backdrop of the Geisler Group is always in view.

On the onward journey to St. Magdalena, cozy inns are available for a stopover. In the whole valley we did not find a single restaurant in which the dog advertisement: directly to the purchase on Amazon would have been undesirable. Dogs (even overnight stays) are allowed even in two-star hotels. Only the dining room is sometimes taboo. But you can eat in the official dining room. Continue by car to the 1680 meter high Zanser Alm – with a large parking lot – an ideal starting point for mountain hikes.

Sindi is ready to leave

The backpack strapped, offer two tours. One leads through spruce and stone pine forest to the Glatschalm (about 1 hour). The rooms have shower / WC and balcony – dogs are welcome. From here we continue between Schuttkaren the Geisler group. Depending on your desire, a trail can be followed, but you can also get off in between to the parking lot. The second hiking proposal leads through Hochwald, initially on stony path, to Gampenalm (11/2 hrs.). In this cozy mountain inn of recent design, especially the excellent cuisine is to be emphasized. For the night there are three double rooms with shower / WC and several mattresses available. The well-run family business stands in the midst of almost tree-free Hochalmwiesen.

A beautiful but steep path leads to the Schlüter hut (45 min.). Again, there is stopover and accommodation. From here, two peaks can be climbed in half an hour: Medalges (2450 m) and Sobutsch (2486 m). Both offer a wonderful view of countless Dolomite peaks. The way back can be like the ascent or you can go down the simpler version on a forest road.

A second starting point for hikes in the Villnößtal lies north of the mountain group Aferer Geisler. In St. Peter do not turn off towards St. Magdalena, but continue to Würzjoch, where there is a rest stop. For some time now, the Berggasthaus has been the only lodging facility to charge accommodation costs for the dog (DM 10, -).

With safety line to the summit

From the parking lot it goes along the rock walls of the Peitlerkofels in 11/2 hours partly quite steeply to the Peitlerscharte (2361 m). From here, the already mentioned Schlüter hut can be reached via flat alpine terrain.

But you can also consider an ascent of the 2875 m high Peitlerkofels into consideration. However, the prerequisite is that the dog can safely move in steep rocky terrain. For this, the necessary experience must be slowly gathered. For this 21/2-hour ascent, it is a prerequisite that the dog is well secured with a tear-resistant strap. Because the last part of the tour leads over a slight via ferrata. Sindi lets himself put on the belt without hesitation and has also passed this climb with flying colors. And it certainly will not be the last …

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valid rabies vaccination; Muzzle and LeashDisplay: Buy directly on Amazon when traveling to Italy. Best time to travel: June-Sept.

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