When must the tiger tiger to the veterinarian?

Make her cat a joy can be a real little diva, but when it gets serious, then she suffers silently. Her instincts make her hide her weakness. In nature, this makes sense, but the cat owner leaves it at a loss. In which cases does a cat have to go to the vet?

Fatigued or sick?

Every cat owner knows the problem: The tiger tinkers the sweet little mouth in disgust when something lands in his bowl that he does not like. Actually, this is not a problem, you just have to try different varieties, until you meet the taste bud of the spoiled cat. But the whole thing can also have serious causes, because a full-grown loss of appetite often indicates a disease.

Permanently no appetite – this is a warning sign!

If the cat does not like a new diet, that’s no cause for concern, but if even the favorite treat is spurned, cat owners should be alert. Of course, a freeware may have several can openers and has already hit the belly of the neighbor, but in a big city like Hamburg live most cats indicator: Make her cat a joy in the apartment.

Loss of appetite may also indicate ingestion of a foreign body or persistent constipation. In such a case, an intestinal obstruction may occur, and the cat must go to the vet immediately. If you are no longer satisfied with your vet in Hamburg or if you are new to the city, you will find the right practice for the information.

Weight loss can indicate a serious illness

If a cat is not on a diet just to be

To regain ideal weight, weight loss is always a warning sign. The fact that very old cats break down is normal, but in young cats, for example, a tumor can be the reason. Cancer vigorously feeds on the energy reserves of the animal, but can usually be successfully removed if diagnosed early. All the more important that the veterinarian is visited quickly.

Even cat-typical conditions such as FIP, leukosis and diabetes can manifest themselves through weight loss.Diarrhea and vomiting are not normal in a cat!
The digestion is usually quite smooth in the beloved tomb tigers. If the cat has to deal with vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, this can have a variety of reasons, from poisoning to leukemia and FIP, to a bowel obstruction by a foreign body or parasite infestation. These can also occur with flat cats, because as a holder you bring them around under the soles of your shoes home. Therefore, a vet should be visited as soon as possible.

When breathing is difficult

Even cats can catch a cold and then have to struggle with the typical symptoms such as a stuffy nose or a pressure on the lungs. Owners should not cough at their cat when they catch a cold, because the viruses and bacteria that infect humans do not stop in front of cats. Just as in humans, a not-yet-cured flu-like effect in cats can lead to a weakening of the heart. Then the permanent administration of medication is needed. If the cat has a cold or a cough or audible breath, then the speedy walk to the vet is inevitable. With the right medicines, the bacteria are killed or the immune system strengthened so that it can stand the viral infection successfully.

Halitosis is more than annoying

Persistent Bad Breath Advertisement: Buy It Now on Amazon [powered by contextR] may indicate problems with the teeth, but also a stomach, kidney or diabetes disorder. Toothache is also distressing for a cat, and the regular removal of tartar should of course be part of the care of the animal.

The cat is remarkably lethargic and silent

Of course, every stub tiger is different, and a comfortable Persian is much calmer than a talkative Siamese anyway. However, a marked change in behavior often indicates a condition. A cat that suddenly pulls back, crouches under the closet or hides, certainly has a serious problem. An otherwise always fluffy cat, who suddenly becomes aggressive when touched, may be in pain. Such changes require clarification by a veterinarian.

Beautiful coat becomes straw and scrubby

The coat also shows the health status of a cat. If the skin or hair changes, dull and dull, shaggy and strawy, sticky or matted, then it can be due to illness, malnutrition or parasite infestation. Some cats in pain no longer manage to clean themselves properly and neglect daily cat washing. Under this situation, the clean cat of course suffers extremely, because the extensive brushing is one of their day. It is important to then visit a vet and clarify possible causes.

Conclusion: who knows his cat, knows when she suffers. If there is a suspicion of illness, it is better to go to the doctor once more than to do too little

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