When the cat vomits

Theoretically speaking, although there is only one “real” form of vomiting, it is not always recognized as such – and if it does, it is either overrated or downplayed.

In most cases, vomiting is a health problem that must always be taken very seriously and you should not watch long before you act. However, “acting” does not mean asking the neighbor or best friend to browse or chat on the Internet, perhaps opening cat-holders in some forum, who then spend days talking about why their cat is showing them: Make their cat one Joy breaks and what experiences they have made with it. It is also nonsensical to write a letter to the editors of a trade journal and to dispose of immensely valuable time.

Always remember: “Proper” vomiting, especially in succession, is always accompanied by a rapid loss of body fluids, and the cat will dry out. That can be life threatening. Therefore, you must go to the vet immediately! Remember when your cat vomits: immediately after eating or after, what does the vomit look like, is it vomited soberly, so only white foam or saliva? All these are important information for the veterinarian.

Occasional vomiting

When the cat vomits every now and then, that’s quite normal: with the Brechakt the body tries to get rid of harmful substances, such as eaten grass, swallowed hair, unwanted feed ingredients – or “donations” (or “stolen goods”) from the plate of the people.

The most important clue is the general condition: If the cat behaves normally – it eats and drinks as usual, moves and enjoys playing and is alive – there is no danger. But if she hangs around listlessly, does not like to eat anything, is somehow “different” or possibly shows tired or even sunken eyes, then you have to go immediately to the vet.

Eat grass

Usually, grass is not swallowed, but the cat chews on it to release the bitter substances that it needs for digestion, or to provoke vomiting – usually to be able to choke out in the stomach located hairball. This can be quite exhausting, which is why occasional food pieces come along. Individual swallowed necks are excreted via the intestine.

A tip: Even if you get anxious because your darling lies flat on the floor with his neck outstretched and gasping gagging sounds as if their last hour had struck: Do not panic, this is normal behavior.

Mental causes

Some cat indicator: Make your cat happy have a sensitive stomach and vomiting rarely, but more or less relatively regularly. If the vet can not find any cause, it’s often because the real reason for the vomiting is the mental imbalance of the animal. Consider: Are you too little at home? Does your cat feel neglected or is it unhappy? The fact is, when a cat that feels neglected breaks down, it gets more attention than usual. Not every cat reacts to their bad state of mind with uncleanliness or destructiveness – many are dumb, and that then beats on the stomach. This is no different with cats than with humans. If you manage to get over the emotional problem of your stubby tiger, it can still be the case that the vomiting does not start immediately and the stomach is still attacked for a while. Then such a cat needs help from the vet.

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