Why cats pout

The reasons could not be more different, as well as the nature of pouting. Some take revenge, the others seek out new people, and the next refuse to eat. Directly to buy on Amazon.

Normally Doris Setzepfandt heard her heartthrob Charly whiz down the hall to greet her. But when she was delayed by a few hours after a Christmas party, she found the cat sitting in the middle of the hallway when the door opened. He sat with his back to the door, the personification of hurt. “He seemed to melt away from being insulted,” she recalls. Of course, she wanted to comfort him immediately, but the tomcat turned her back on her, no matter which side she tried to get at him. Coat off, shoes off and heartache on his arm, was then Momentsache. “In our cozy corner I told him why I came home so late.” Not so easy is Marcus Steuckardt. His two tycoons, Wotan and Fenrir, punished him after a weekend break by not greeting their master when he returned, deliberately avoiding him, and only pausing on their food when he left the kitchen. It took until the normal state was restored. For the Vietens, the punishment for their two-week sailing trip was not immediate. When returning, everything seemed to be alright, they were as always of their catDisplay: Make her cat joyfully welcomed a joy: without restriction, no demonstrative restraint, but with a lot of petting and purring. Every treat was happily accepted. The response to abandonment came the day after. The cat breakfast was ready, but no black witch far and wide. Not in the house, cellar or garden. “It was as if bewitched,” they describe the situation at the time. “The evening drew nearer, the rest faded, until she suddenly stood in the middle of the room, with a look as if she wanted to say: You see, that’s what happened to me. Lesson learned?”

Farewell ceremony against yearning

Even Molly can not stand that Mistress Rita Gerber leaves the apartment. The black and gray striped tabby cat gets all her toys out of the box and scatters them all over the apartment and then pees right next to the toilet. Clear the greeting. But since the two started practicing a five-minute farewell ceremony, “everything is paletti on return”.

Cats want to be involved in our lives

The raven-black tomcat Mickey and Tiger Snoopy were well taken care of by a cat-sitter when her mistress Karenina Krienetzki-Schweikert had to take a cure. The theater did not start until she came back. As soon as she was out the door, the two sat behind the door and screamed in unison until she came back. And from now on they did not want to be petted anymore. In their advances, the two immediately bitten and scratched. And from then on, she had the bed alone. It took until everything was the same. Miezepeter and Bärle, two young stray cats (and brothers from one litter), were allowed to move into the old farmhouse of the Pötzsch family. When Annedore Pötzsch was in the hospital for about three weeks after an accident, the two were constantly looking for her. Upon her return, I thought her kittens would be happy to have her back, but far from it. While Bärle came closer, Miezepeter made the squitter and ignored her. For three weeks she had to compete for his favor. “Cat indicator: make your cat a joy just want to be involved in daily life and all processes,” says Mistress Annedore Pötzsch convinced. Not alone Stubentiger offends the absence of the familiar person. Even the street hangover named Hi-Kater clearly resented his breadwinner Edeltraud Görgen’s absence for several weeks. When she came home after a prolonged hospital stay, the black and white cat did not pet anymore, jerked back in alarm and even wanted to scratch her.

Panic of being alone

Ute Feucht is convinced that her clever Mandy can tell whether she leaves her alone for fun or not. It was soon clear to her that the cat was panicking at any loneliness

After three days at the latest she did not eat anything anymore. The completely dissolved Catsitter had to call Ute Feucht each time sooner from vacation or further education. But when her mistress had to go to hospital three years ago and finally came home after six weeks, there was no pouting but pure joy. She shot past the doctor, the catsitter and the paramedics, put her front paws on Ute Feucht’s shoulders, and gave pecks and tender bites to her cheeks. And the next few months, she took care of her sick mistress very well.

Pee in grief

Cat Mizzi never behaved for 14 years, he always had (and has) the choice between being outside and his cat toilet in the house. But suddenly everything is different. When Mum Anneliese Fuchs had to go to hospital twice within seven months, he never let her out of her sight. And as soon as she does not care enough about him, he just pees somewhere in the bathroom. Once he was dissatisfied with a visitor, had been constantly barking, and when she went to the bathroom in the evening, he followed her and peed in the corner before her eyes. Another time, after being away for a day, the same ceremonial: The cat goes to the bathroom, promptly takes the other corner and pees. Mizzi could not express himself more clearly.

Lucky’s vendetta

Lucky’s slip was unique. No, basically it was not a gaffe, but an incredible campaign of revenge. When the cat was still small, he ran every visitor happy and curious, including the brother-in-law of his cleric Claudia Heinzel. However, he made every effort to frighten the little guy by clapping his hands loudly. In the years that followed, Lucky, understandably, punished the brother-in-law with disdain. Eight years later came the day of reckoning, when the brother-in-law came to visit from a motorcycle tour. Claudia Heinzel describes the act: “He came into the hall and threw his motorcycle jacket carelessly on the floor. Immediately my cat came, smelled the jacket, ran on it, sat down and did his little business, looking my brother in law in the eyes. Then he got up and walked leisurely away with his head held high. We could not believe our eyes, because Lucky had never gone anywhere, let alone in or on visitors’ belongings. “Incidentally, Lucky has never again started to repeat his action.

Cats never forget 

Such a long-standing personal grudge harbored also house tomcat Rocky, a magnificent ten-year-old tiger. The mother of mistress Edith Nebel had once chased him out of his place of refuge high up in the living room cabinet. He has taken her all his life bad, his cat owner knows: “When she came to visit, he only needed to hear her voice, zack, he was gone and did not reappear until she had demonstrably left the house. Even if my mother came for cat feeding for two weeks in the summer, our two other cats hugged and caressed, but Rocky never saw them. To all other people Rocky is always friendly. “Pretty pissed little girls can react to a new atmosphere and new playmates.

A new environment can unsettle you

Cat Willi even bite his mistress Richa Tatum in the butt after she had brought him to another (closer) veterinarian after moving inside Berlin. Willi was so shocked by the careless check-up that he did not want to go home and was so angry one day after that that he had run out of petting. Clearly Richa Tatum goes with him back to the good old veterinary practice, even if the way there is much further. It took a full three months for the black Dodo to come to terms with the move. Unlike her tabby cousin, she expressed her displeasure at the new environment and the new bed with many puddles. The first one immediately put her in bed: “I go to bed in the evening and jump out of bed right away: wet,” recalls Dagmar Olberg of this terrible time. Every morning she found a new spot, carefully placed next to the previous spot, on the bridges in the corridor, on the carpet in the living room, or Dodo used shoes instead of the litter box.

A second cat is moving in

For a long time unforgivable pussy found that she had put a young hangover in front of her nose. It should be a playmate for the nine-year-old cuddled house-cat, but the young cat,

which the daughter had brought, turned out to be a pet tyrant and annoyed pussy. Not only did she constantly avoid him, she also changed her behavior towards Karin Königshagen. She did not let herself be stroked anymore. She had always made a sound when she jumped on her lap or on the couch next to her, it was a call to petting. Also, this sound was gone and then pussy was even looking for new people across the street. After this alarm signal, Karin Königshagen dealt even more intensively with pussy – it took, but was successful: pussy was even more affectionate than before.

Plagued by jealousy

Affus was a spoiled cat who did not want to be left alone. Every time he sat yelping at the window yelling at the whole neighborhood. That’s why he got company with Baby, a four-month-old Carthusian. Affus loved the little girl from the beginning. But suddenly he was no longer the old man. He did not want to play anymore with family Ackel. As soon as someone dealt with baby, Affus turned offended and was not seen the whole evening. Only when the family gave him a lot of attention, greeted him first and played a lot with him did he thaw again. After almost six endless months, he was once again the trusted tomboy and raged around the apartment again with enthusiasm.

Siamese cat Jeannie got a playmate, a ten-week-old red Katerle, the Peterle. But at first she did not want to have anything to do with him, she slapped him and was jealous. Her outrage was boundless when the redhead, to protect him from Jeannie’s attacks, was allowed to sleep in the bed of Mistress Gisela Plopa. Clear that she claimed the same right. When she was denied, Jeannie paid no attention to her. Until Gisela Plopa gave in for the sake of peace. Although she now had difficulty sleeping, there was “peace, joy, pancakes,” breathed Gisela Plopa. Finally Peterle left this sleeping place, and behold, Jeannie went with him.

Cats can be unforgiving

Maine Coon cat Micky is offended every time her mistress Stephanie Oswald puts her legs on a pillow. He sits on the bare tiles and looks at her reproachfully, because then he can not take his usual place on her legs. Cat Hannibal punishes his mistress Katrin Kovanah with disrespect since the time when her master, a veterinarian, brought two kittens home from an emergency and mistress Katrin Kovanah pulled the two kittens up with the bottle. And that’s six years ago. Julchen, a three-colored tabby, never returned to Miss Bettina Weidle-Loris’ bedroom after her daughter Cara used the bed as a nursery. Christa Schmidt observes various levels of insult to her Norwegian Forest Cats: The big one may not want to be combed at the back, then he will disappear in a rage out of sight, but only for a few minutes. Worse is the vet visit, which has at least one hour ignoring result, because no call or curl helps. The worst is after the weeklong vacation. At least a few hours they can not be caressed. The saving idea: Now they are tricked out by pulling out the linen harness, because they forget their insult out of sheer joy. Because there is nothing better for her than going for a walk.

Lilly’s fine instinct

Exceptional was Lilly’s reaction. Probably because Lilly is a particularly sensitive cat with a bad past. When she came to the Assmanns, she fairly shared her affection between the spouses, during the day she was a Fraule cat, and the night she slept in bed with the Herrle. But from the evening when the lord of his wife opened, she and Cat Lilly had to find a new home, the cat was transformed. She no longer slept with him in bed and let him no longer touch, scratched and even bit him. “For a child, one would say that the mother had a negative influence – but with a cat?” Gisela Assmann marvels at her Lilly.

When is sulking?

This is revealed by the evaluations of your reply letters:

* Two-thirds of the “offended liver sausages” were hangovers, only one-third queens.

* The most frequent reasons for pouting and rumbling have been the owners’ long absences due to illness and cures.

* Almost as many Stubentiger have reacted according to the letters sour on a new playmate.

* In third place, short-term absence or vacation were called, in fourth a new veterinarian.

* Relocation and vet visit were the least likely to result in a lousy cat.

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