Your animal world against illegal puppy trade

In an article of the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung of 16 December 2016, the sad truth is revealed: Illegal puppy trade is a topic that unfortunately is becoming more and more present. Especially during the Christmas season, the puppy trade is booming, although animals have no business as a present under the Christmas tree. Finally, the admission of a new family member should be well considered and above all, it should be ensured that education, time and running costs can be accomplished.

Informed people as a key against illegal puppy trade

Naturally, as a platform for pet trade, it is very important to DeineTierwelt that illegal puppy trafficking be stopped – and a lot is done for that: “Firstly, we want to make people interested in the points to be aware of when choosing an animal via the Internet “, Says managing director Daniel D’Amico. “I believe that informed people are the key to expose fraudsters.”

That is why we work together with associations such as the VDH (Association for the German Canine Dog Association) and support various animal welfare organizations such as Tasso by drawing attention to their projects. On the homepage of DeineTierwelt you will also find tips for buying a dog, a puppy checklist and hints on how dubious offers can be unmasked. We would like to offer humans and animals a good start in the common life in advance, to accompany them from the decision to take an animal, to the purchase up to the common living together and with articles around attitude, education and health with expert knowledge Side stand.

Continue to expand the issue of animal welfare

In January is retreaded. Of course, animal welfare should be further developed here. “If someone places an ad with us, it will be thoroughly checked,” says Daniel D’Amico. “First through a learning algorithm that responds to specific words and phrases. Two employees also randomly check the incoming ads and make test calls if they find something weird. “If the suspicion proves to be justified, the ad will be deleted immediately. To make sure these cheaters do not re-advertise, we also keep a blacklist of email and IP addresses so that the ads are automatically sorted out.

One hundred percent security against fraudulent ads does not exist. “However, for us the seriousness in the sense of the animals and the user in the foreground stands”, makes D’Amico clear. For example, users can use the prominently placed “Report ad” button to send an ad to us for review if there is a suspicion of fraud. “We take this very seriously,” continues D’Amico.

More safety through quality features

In the future, your animal world will do even more to make it difficult for dubious providers to advertise. Breeders will have the opportunity to include logos from reputable associations such as the VDH – of course only after a thorough review. Interested parties can filter their search for these quality characteristics. “We want to bring the safe advertisements to the fore and take unsafe, dubious offers out of the spotlight,” explains D’Amico.

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